Sunday 8 June 2008

girly night update...

All the girls get in on the action.

Perfeect chick flick food!

Including hot chockie chai with foam!

One of our movies..

Our verdict? premonition.. WORST MOVIE IN WORLD!!

So, the antidote for a bad chick flick?? (and fortification leading up to watching Atonement)


Off to Yum Cha in a few mins time.. stand by for report!!


Brandi Reynolds said...

oh what is that gorgeous dessert? And how quickly can you get to the US to make it???

purple goddess said...


I am most certainly available to fly ANYWHERE to cook for you!

And I'm not even that precious about it.. I'll accept Economy Class air tickets!!

It's basically vanilla custard churned in my icecream maker, and then a small bar of Toblerone crushed and churned in over the last 5 mins.

Freeze until firm.

Serve with any good chocolate biscuit (we used Emmeline's chocolate Indulgence) and topped with home made chockie sauce!

Jazz said...

Chcolate heals all ills. Yes it does.

Anonymous said...

I agree PG on your verdict on that movie. Evebn worse than any Kevin Costner film excluding Dances with wolves. ANYTHING with Sandra Bullock is a stinker as far as I'm concerned. Teamed up with Keanu Reeves & you have a perfect storm of a movies to avoid.

purple goddess said...

See, gobbler,

I am NOT a movie watcher. I would really rather read a book.. which is why I chose Atonement, as I adored the novel. The rest were chosesn cos I thought they'd be good, light on, chick-flick fodder.

I have now learned that neither Mouse or myself are chick-flick kinda chicks.

Food and company was great, but!