Thursday 20 May 2010

Look, It's complicated.

Look, it's complicated, ok.

Lots of people are asking me about it, and that's all I can say.

It changes from day to day.

Last night it was so warm and nurturing, but who knows? Tonight the whole thing might have changed. Hell, it could end up all hot and spicy!

We're both very different, with different tastes, and I guess it really depends on what we, individually, bring to the table.

People think that it's hard, but it's not really. It all depends on how much you want to commit to it. And you need to remember that is doesn't happen quickly, It needs time to develop and evolve. It, quite literally, needs time to marry.

But we're BOTH committed to improving it. Every day, bit by bit, as long as it lasts.

As long as meets our needs.

I mean, I wanted it this morning, but he didn't. He's more of an late-afternoon kinda guy. He couldn't stomach the thought of it before about 11am.

And then there are the kids to think about. They need their needs met, too.

I mean, so many people are affected by the decisions we make about this, we need to factor ALL of those things in.

So, like I said, It's complicated. Only because there are so many ingredient to it. It's really NOT that complicated, I guess.

PG's "It's Complicated" Soup.
2 zucchinis sliced.
2 carrots slices.
1/2 a pumpkin, cubed.
4 HUGE field mushrooms, sliced.
1 large red onion, sliced.
1/4 red cabbage, sliced.
1 red capsicum, diced.
1 can kidney beans,
7 whole tomatoes, skin scored.
100g fresh peas.
2 litres chicken stock.
1 large can tomato puree/pasata
1 glass white wine.
200g small shell pasta
6 large GOOD QUALITY sausages, browned in oo. ( I used lamb and pesto ones from Leo's)

Dice and fry off the first seven ingredients, until softened and the onion is golden. Whack in a large pot with all the other ingredients and bring to a gentle simmer, Cook for 20 mins or until the tomatoes have broken down. ( I add the pasta about 10 mins before serving)

Add some old parm rinds, if you have any.

Cut the snags into four with a pair of chicken shears.

Serve with parm and crusty bread.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to lower the tone Ella but the picture looks like the time I did an 'American Pie' moment on my friends Carmen Miranda hat after a few bevvies at the Melb Cup!

purple goddess said...
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purple goddess said...

I will see if I can put up an after shot, that one IS a bit nasty!

Griffin said...

Hmm, this looks ever so slightly what my brother called Sausage Himmler - from Spike Milligna the well known typing error. Which bit's the soup? Looks good tho'. I never was fussy. Which is why I ate the Sausage Himmler.