Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A Taste of Melbourne (free tix)

AGITK has some free tix to either this Thursday or this Friday's sessions of A Taste of Melbourne, along with some luscious Green and Black chocolate.

If you would like complimentary ticket AND a block of G&B chokkie, tell me why, in the comments section. The best responses will get themselves a ticket.

Note: the tickets are for THIS Thursday night, and one of the 2 sessions on Friday, NOT for the weekend.

Le 'em rip!


Xioa Chu said...

I would like to have the ticket simply because I love food!!

Pigdog said...

I would like to win a ticket to Taste of Melbourne because I want to create the ultimate Melbourne eating experience by winding my way through Maze, up into The Palace and around Charcoal Lane.

Eater and Meeter said...

Do I have a chance?
I just want to win because I'm so stingy that I don't want to buy my own ticket... but I LOVE FOOD!

purple goddess said...

Ok guys!!

The three of you email me with the address you;d like the tix mailed to, and they'll go in the post tonight!!

email me at

minor (underscore) deity1 at hotmail dot come

Eater and Meeter said...

thanks, just emailed ya!!!
thanks thanks!!!