Friday 25 March 2011

Attack of the Killer Ninja Puppeh

(Insert David Attenborough voice) 2 unsuspecting maris are unaware of the fate about to befall them. The only give-away is the ferocious paw in the left foreground

As they pass by, blissfully unaware, the vicious killer ninja attack puppeh POUNCES!

One mari manages to escape, yet the other, valiantly trying to continue her work, is helplessly pinned by the raptor-like vice grip of Ninjah Puppeh.

And finally, the Ninjah Puppeh lures both maris into her den, where they heplessly attempt to fend her off. Too late, and despite their attempts, the Ninjah Puppeh will later feast on their bones


Griffin said...

Every so often... I worry about you! Now I have two brave maris to worry about too...sigh! A good thing I am a mighty worrier, really.

Wot a fiendish and terrible puppeh... still you could have got a ninja attack hamster and they are far worse.

purple goddess said...

pee essyou.

I'm going to be in the UK in June/July. Wanna catch up?

Griffin said...

Yes. Next question?

Just don't bring any ninja puppeh's with you as I have a crack team of martial arts squirrels ready to do my fiendish bidding when I am eventually ready to take over the world.

Where in the UK are you going to be, cos if it's in London I will have to start saving now!!

purple goddess said...

Predominantly Bath, but I've also got a week in St Ives. And maybe heading to Edinburgh too. Email me and we'll bond, yes?