Wednesday 24 December 2008


it's Xmas, I'm stressed. Furry lost his job, money's tight.. pretty much typical Xmas cheer going on in the House of Fur and Purple Love. We're off to Chez Fur on Xmas night, so let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support over the past 12 months, and wish you all the merriest of festivus's, however it is that you celebrate.

Anyhoo.. with all of the above going on, I do tend to cut corners... too much to do and too little time. You know the scenario?? I know the knife is blunt, but I am too busy to take that extra 5 mins to sharpen it... that sort of thing. So the other night, my unemployed bum of a husband (he secretly loves it when I call him that!) was cooking me dinner. I must admit, this coming home to a clean house, and dinner already prepped is rather beguiling. I could do this whole house-husband thing, if it weren't for the fact I'm a Nurse and earn crap money.

But walking through the door, yelling "Hi honey, I'm home", to be greeted with a glass of wine and moreish smells from the kitchen..... yeah, I could totally get used to it.

Anyway, I digress... the other night Furry was cooking steak and salad. And we had about a zillion things to do (last minute pressie buying, wrapping, packing).. so in a fit of pique, I muscled my way into the kitchen to hurry things along.

Now... I have a pan. A very sexy pan. It is my favouritest pan in the whole world. It is made by a company called "Chef's Toolbox".. My sexy pan has this name, chef's toolbox, embossed on its handles.

Now, Furry had been frying steak in this pan. The Malliard reaction evidence was there in front of me. But what do you suppose my thought process might have been??

Newp. Whatever you're thinking, you're wrong.

My mind said "Of for F's sake, hurry up, we've got too much to do to be stuffing around with letting the bloody steak rest.. here... let me."

And with that I grabbed the pan.

By the handle.

Which had been frying steak.

And proceeded to sear my thumb to aforementioned handle.

Which, if you've been concentrating, is embossed.

With words.

Yes, dear reader, I am now the proud owner of a fetching BRAND on the ball of my thumb. Clearly, in the perfect world, the word "tool" would be permanently etched. Given that that's exactly the word used to describe someone who grabs a hot frypan handle without a mitt. It would be the Universe's way of permanently reminding me of my folly.

But nooooo....

I get "oolbo".. or when you turn said thumb around to look at it, "odloo"

I hope it's not permanent. "tool" I could have lived with. But "odloo"?

**heavy sigh**

I'm going to warn you, that a few lines further down is a picture. Close this post now, if you have a weak stomach.

Friday 19 December 2008

Menu for Hope 08

Today Menu for Hope launches. By joining in you can help in a small way to help end hunger in the third world and win prizes at the same time.

After raising nearly $100,000 last year food blogger Pim Tchamuanvivit has again chosen to support the UN World Food Programme school lunch program in Lesotho.

How can you help?

All you need to do is buy a US$10 raffle ticket for prizes at First Giving or arrange for a prize to be donated and blog about it or ask the help of a friendly blogger to blog about it (I’m happy to help out). You can read more about offering prizes here. Logos to use are here.

Donation Instructions:
1. Choose a prize or prizes of your choice from our Menu for Hope at Chez Pim or at Tomato.
2. Go to the donation site at First Giving and make a donation.
3. Each US$10 you donate will give you one raffle ticket toward a prize of your choice. Please specify which prize you’d like in the ‘Personal Message’ section in the donation form when confirming your donation. You must write-in how many tickets per prize, and please use the prize code.
For example, a donation of $50 can be 2 tickets for AP01 and 3 tickets for AP02. Please write 2xAP01, 3xAP02
4. If your company matches your charity donation, please check the box and fill in the information so we could claim the corporate match.
5. Please allow us to see your email address so that we could contact you in case you win. Your email address will not be shared with anyone.

Once again Furry and I are offering A weekend at Chez Fur

As part of the Menu for Hope campaign, we have donated a weekend for 2 at Chez Fur. As you will know, dear reader, this is our beloved holiday house, down at Dromana on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

The prize consists of 2 nights for 2 people. You will have access to our famous wood-fired outdoor oven!

The house itself, is walking distance from Dromana beach. Take a stroll along the pier at sunset. Have brekkie at Jett, book a lunch date at Salix, grab a haggis burger at The Flash Duck, or head up into the hinterland and check out Darling Park Winery. Explore the wonderful food world of the Mornington Peninsula and you'll see why Furry and I love it so much!!

If you're expecting resort-style accomodation, this ain't it. This is our family owned holiday house, complete with trashy novels and jigsaws with one piece missing!!

The house is open plan style, with warm polished floor boards and semi-matching furniture. It is spotlessly clean and a bottle of local wine will be chillin in the fridge for you. Your bedroom is furnished Asian style, with a futon and gorgeous antique Chinese altar doors on the walls. The bathroom is semi-painted!

The kitchen comprises of a stand alone Eurolec chef's quality oven and the world's dodgiest bench tops.

It's a bit like pg and Furry, and the MP itself, stunningly beautiful in parts, and a work-in-progess in others!!

It's a bit of an anomaly, but it IS a fabulous, central place from which to explore the MP.

The house is yours alone, if you want it. Or Furry and pg are happy to host you. Furry will have you in stitches with his raconteur wit, and pg will cook pretty much anything you heart desires.

Weather permitting, Furry will take you fishing on The Butt, and show you our secret Gummy Shark spots. On return, pg will have a local tapas platter waiting for you, and the wood-fired oven ready to cook your schnapper in!!

If this sounds like your ideal weekend get-away, go.. get bidding!!!!!

Prize code is: AP16

Thursday 18 December 2008

Just to clear something up.

Furry PostSecret card from 6/20/07. Per PostSecret's copyright, an image may be used with a link to the PostSecret website.

I was recently involved in a conversation where someone intimated that my use of the word "Furry" was "kinky".

I was a little confused about this, as it is simply the nickname, on line and in RL for my husband. I mean everyone.. EVERYONE calls him Furry.

So I was a bit confused about why this was deemed as kinky.

Ahh, but the world has become a more enlightened, if not some how less mystical place, thanks to Wikki and Google.

Imagine my suprise to find that "furry" is a widely used term for people who identify as or with furry animals... They even have a whole Wikki about this sub culture.

The word furry has several meanings, dependent on the context in which it is used. Predominantly, it means "consisting of or resembling fur".[1] It also pertains to an interest in anthropomorphic animals and/or mythological or imaginary creatures which possess human or superhuman capabilities. The plural form of furry in all its contexts is furs or furries; the subjects of furry interest are also known as furries.

Now, far be it from me to question another person's right to be in touch with their inner fursona, but... and it's a big but.....

Apparently some people within this subculture are sexually gratified/aroused by the wearing of their fur suits.. or have suits specially **ahem** modified to perform..... oh never mind, you get the idea. These people are apparently known within the Furry culture as "furverts"

WikiFur says
"The Furry Dictionary lists furvert as "One who enjoys furry erotica", a defintion provided by Barry Gold in October 2000.

And no, I am not making this up. You read that right.



So, remembering that my mother reads this, I give to you the reason I call my husband Furry.

Because the first time I ran my hands up his back, I stopped and gleefully said "oh, you're furry!!!".. and he stopped, looked at me nervously and said "yes, does it disgust you?".. where by my answer was to drag him into my boudoir and... yes.. that's right Mum, we played Scrabble.

Anyhow.. I happen to like my men with body hair... and he's got it.. in spades.. Thus, he's "Furry".

So for any of you dear readers that thought that somehow my husband either a) likes to dress up as Sly Racoon, and have me paddle him a-la repressed English boarding school styles, while he yells "I've been a naughty little poodle!!


b) has a penchant for watching "Basil, the Great Mouse Detective" while wearing his nipple-less latex chicken suit,

I assure you this is not the case. And for further reference, as someone who avoids pop culture, should I make any passing reference to something like this in the future, please fill me in. IN private.

God, please don't tell me that "pg" is a subversive MPRPG leet term for someone who fantasizes about being showered with other people toenail clippings........

OH, and on a final note, while again reiterating my complete respect for anyone who identifies as a member of this or any other sub-group, I offer this advice.





"plushie images".


Tuesday 16 December 2008


There's a trendy new one coined every day, or so it seems. Road rage is SOOOO last millennium.. the latest too-have disease is Phone rage. Wanting to reach through the receiver and rip the jugular out of the pillock on the other end, wanting to tell you all about the benefits of their new mobile phone plan.


What about ADHAD?

No, not the REAL disorder related to hyperactivity.. I mean Advertising Heightened Audio Disorder. The syndrome by which you just KNOW that ads are markedly louder than the preceding programme, but are unable to prove it.


Nothing to do with ovaries.. it's People Chatting out of Setting.. a disorder daily put up with by receptionists and check-out chicks everywhere, by which the sufferers actually thing you MEAN it when you ask "so, how's your day?", and proceed to tell you. In excruciating detail.

I discovered this weekend I am afflicted by the most heinous of these new syndromes.

Tolerance Intolerance.

As you might remember, dear reader, I have given up the smokes.. 8 weeks now and counting. My desire to bite the heads off live toddlers a-la Ozzy is waning. I no longer stalk smokers around my local shops, madly sniffing their wake like a scent hound... or a crazed middle-aged psychic reading their aura.

BUT.. I am still a little needy. A little snappy, if you will. A little quick to anger. To bridle.

And it's Xmas. My most un-loved holiday of the year. And I recently took a nasty fall and am dealing with a fractured rib.

So while traipsing around The Glen, looking for presents for people I don't actually like, spending money on things that I wouldn't personally be caught dead with, dealing with my desire to furtively lick the neck of the not-particularly attractive older male smoker in front of me, I decided that I am most definitely a suffer of Tolerance Intolerance.

I don't wish good will to all men. I am more likely to wish you "Happy Eugenics, and thanks for removing yourself from the gene pool". Silent Night? I don't think so, Bubka.. You ever tried living on a main road in "Drunken Idiot leaves Xmas Party at 4am and thinks he's Fangio" season?

Away in a Manger? If only, but Furry got retrenched last Friday, so it will be more like "Away in the Lounge Room" for OUR holiday this year.

We Three Kings From Orient Are, in our house, We three Gift Vouchers from K-mart Are.

Bah Humbug.

So when you ring me/email me/ send me a holiday card, and I reply like Doberman with 'roid rage, please remember.. it's not me. I am just suffering an acute and seasonal form of Tolerance Intolerance.

And depending on the lag between the festive bunting coming down and the East Eggs going up, it could be a few months before my syndrome is under control.

Tuesday 9 December 2008

A shameless plug for sponsorship.

Look, it's for a good cause, ok..

Youngest son has recently started playing Rugby League and Union for the Craigieburn Phoenix. It's a small, grass roots club with ties to the local constabulary. It also has a netball and a basketball team. It's a fabulous, family-oriented club, and we're looking for sponsorship. We've got some uniforms for next year, but our First Aid box needs some supplies, and we need some sports bags for transport of sporting goods.

The BBQ, which travels to every game, and supplies all our players, families and opponents with burgers, snags and onions, is also pretty bloody dodgy

Craigieburn Phoenix.

Phenix \Phe"nix\, n.; pl. {Phenixes}. [L. phoenix, Gr. foi^nix.]
[Written also {phoenix}.]
1. (Gr. Myth.) A bird fabled to exist single, to be consumed
by fire by its own act, and to rise again from its ashes.
Hence, an emblem of immortality.

On May 19 2008 a dream was manifested into the realm of reality.

A desire to have our own rugby league club in Craigieburn was born.

Contact was made on 21 May 2008 with Victorian Rugby League with a view to entering teams in the Junior VRL competition for 2009.

Hume City Council were approached to obtain an oval for home games and training purposes on 20 May 2008.

A request for a quote from Kombat to supply uniforms was sent on May 21 2008.

A meeting was held on 25 May 2008 to gauge parent and player support, over 30 people attended, an adhoc comittee of one - Steven Tapatu - was nominated to take our RLC to the next level.

A second meeting will be held in June/July 2008, details will be posted at a later date.

Sponsorship letters are in the pipeline.

Applications for funding from the Hume City Council for 2009 are being readied for submission, closing date 31 May 2008.

The Phoenix was chosen because it is a symbol of courage, perseverance and immortality, attributes we will endeavour to bestow upon our members through, discipline, cooperation, teamwork and positive thinking.

I look forward to seeing you and your child in the near future.

Steven Tapatu


As you can see from the above photo, we really ARE starting out from scratch, so any donations of either money or goods would be most heartfelt. While the odd $10 is always put to good use, we're looking for businesses in the Cragieburn area (Come on 7/Eleven or Craigieburn Sportsman's Club... HINT... HINT....) to provide ongoing support and sponsorship.

We're not looking for a corporate stadium(yet), just a hand with the expenses associated with setting up a grass-roots sports club.

Individual donations can be made via Paypal to

or sponsorship queries can be made to Steven at

I know, under the current economic conditions, it might seem hard, but every little bit helps, and please feel free to pass this on to any business you might feel could give us a helping hand.

Monday 8 December 2008

So, Ya wanna be a star??

This email arrived the other day, and I thought I'd share it with all of you aspiring Sir Gordon's!!

Hi there!
I am a casting director for the TV industry and I run a company called “A Cast of Thousands”. We have just been briefed on a dream show for a foodie to cast, Masterchef. Below is some information about the show. I am trying to reach out to Australia’s foodie community to get the word out to find the best amateur cooks in the country. I am hoping that you may know of friends who may be interested in the opportunity. It is also OK for you to post this on your blog if you wish.
The search is on to find Australia’s first true MasterChef. Network Ten wants every kitchen wannabe from amateur chefs to budding foodies to toss their chef’s hat in the ring…each hoping to become…Australia’s next super Chef.
A real life drama will play out as the contestant’s kitchen courage is put to the ultimate test. From the lows of failure to the highs of success, our cast of characters will be catapulted from starters to mains then desserts and back again.


To apply, go to


Thanks for your time


Graeme de Vallance

A Cast of Thousands

Screen Australia, 101 Eaton Road, Lindfield, NSW. 2070

p +61 2 9416 2951 | m +61 0411 494 040

Wednesday 3 December 2008

SOLE Butcher.

Kerrie Road Butchers
6 Kerrie Rd
Glen Waverley, VIC 3150
(03) 9802 0857

I often rave about my local butcher. When I first started shopping SOLE, he was the first person I approached with my tentative "Where is this stuff actually from?" questions. Instead of withering my budding SOLE shoots, he enthusiastically answered me, and gave me the confidence to delve deeper, and become more confident in approaching my providers. And it recently occurred to me, that I talk about him a lot, but I've never given him a shout out. I've reviewed spices from interstate, olive oil from overseas, but never given my humble, local butcher a shout out.

All snags made on the premises

And here's the thing. A few people who've gone to John, as a result of reading this blog, get back to me surprised that it's so "normal". I don't quite know how to respond to that. Maybe any butcher associated with me should have Nag Champa burning, statues of Amateratsu in the window, Baba Yaga flavoured sausages and wrap their roasts in Feminist coloured paper.

And here's the thing. In offering to take some snaps and do this post for the guys, I realised how absolutely bloody normal the place is. It's a bog standard suburban butcher shop. There is nothing overtly SOLE (whatever that means) about it.

It's the questions that you have to ask, that unlocks this unprepossessing shop's SOLE.

All the beef and lamb are sourced from Cardinia, the chooks from the Mornington Pen. They stock free range chooks and eggs from Lilydale, and their pork comes from Hastings. They smoke all their own small goods on the premises, make their own snags (we're having the chicken and asparagus tonight), corn their own beef. They do a sensational range of boerwors sausages and biltong (dried jerky, South African style). They stock the ubiquitous marinated chicken wings and schnitzels, but their standard T-bone is some of the best beef eating around.

All pretty bog standard stuff. The difference with the guys at Kerrie Road, is that they have realised that "We travel all over Victoria to bring you the best!" ISN'T necessarily the answer the punters today want to hear.