Wednesday 10 November 2010

A sick day

I'm the first to admit that I am terribly accident prone. Tearing rotator cuff muscles pole dancing, breaking 3 tarsals falling of a pair of 4inch purple suede CFM's... that sort of thing. But I don't get sick very often.

Well, ok, I get sick. I bitch and moan and mainline congee. BUT.. I still keep on going. With kids and dogs and husband that like to blow shit up, I don't have much choice.

Or maybe I am just lucky enough to RARELY get sick enough to actually warrant time off.

So, today, after spending the night at Monash Medical Centre on endone and a drip or two, dealing with heart palpatations and diverticulitis. I have a real, live sick day! Apart from a quick jaunt up for a CT scan, I actually am sick enough to stay at home!!

Welcome to my first real proper sick day in 7 years! It's almost worth the photophobia.

So today's AGITK comes to you from my couch, wherein The Lima Bean (who has the day off, thank goodnesss) is feeding me ginger ale, roast chicken and tabouleh in fresh Vietnamese rolls.

And we're watching "The Dark Crystal" and a SMOKING hot Jake Gyllehaal in "Prince of Persia"

I am ALL over this sick day business!


Jackie said...

Egads! Sounds a bit dramatic, hope you're on the mend soon!

Griffin said...

Gadzooks! At least it means you can watch movies and be fed goodies by the Bean. That's a sick day worth having.

It's the ones that leave you in bed hacking and coughing that are bloody rotten. Had three days of it last week.

Still, just you get better, y'hear! Isn't alcohol supposed to kill germs?... just asking.

PawPurrry said...

The Dark is a really "random" sort of movie choice. I love it! I often reference The Dark Crystal but will not divulge in what context....

Feel Better!

FYI...there are easier ways to take a real day off to enjoy The Dark Crystal : )

Anonymous said...

I think you need to take an extra day to really recuperate.

Anonymous said...

Get well and can I recommend Aussie film 'Animal Kingdom' next time you are crook

purple goddess said...

if alcohol kills germ, Griff, I'd NEVER get sick!

Hey PP? We often reference TDC as well, usually as we're clinking glasses, The Lima Bean with mutter "essence of Gelfling" To which the reply (in best Skekis Lord Chamberlain voice ) is:

"slave squeazer!"

Griffin said...

Hmm, maybe you need vodka... or as a goddess, a vodka martini...shaken not shtirred obvioushly.

I'd watch Willow with The Hobbit only better.

Essence of Gelfling?... run, gelflings, run!!