Friday 5 November 2010

Hello, I'm pg and I'm a...


I come from a long line of phaffers. My Mum's a phaffer, my father was a world-class phaffer, and I fear my children have inherited the phaff gene.

So, I'm home from work, I've completed my nighly phaff (clean the kitchen in prep for starting dinner, put on load of washing, answer personal emails), I've got me a brandy and dry, to ease me into the weekend, and as one does, a goddess' thoughts turn to dinner.

Here's what's happening on the stove right now:

Not a bad action shot, hey? Further to my impening move to Saudi Arabia, I've sprinkled them with a mix of Rasa al'Hanout. I'm thinking of mandhi smoking them, once they've melted a bit.
And in true phaffer style, I'm not too sure where I am going with this, but I'll let you know.

In true phaffer style, I took inspiraion from last weeks broad bean bruscetta, and created this:

See, that's what phaffing is all about. It's opening the 'fridge half a dozen times and weighing up how well saganaki would fo with broadbeans. It'd about starting off with a Middle Easten profile and the realising that the last of the shredded smoked chicken would  totally work with that! It's about World's Best Son, the Lima Bean sniffing and tasting and choosing to add some smoked sea salt and fennel.

And while phaff-style cooking doesn't always work, and is NOT for the faint-hearted, when it comes together, as last nights "smoked chicken, broadbean, saganaki and slow roasted tomato bruscetta" did, it's worth it!


Anonymous said...

Um... what's a phaffer?

purple goddess said...

it's a word that is specific to my family, meaning "someone who has to do things in a specific order at a specific time".. or, as the Lima Bean just sid: "someone who quibbles needlessly about unimportant things. Someone who hovers around, just to keep busy"

Rosanne Dingli said...

This kind of patter and fusion food can only come out of Melbourne. G'day! D'you this'll work in WA?

Griffin said...

Hmm, I tend to look aimlessly in the fridge at what there is and then vaguely put stuff together for a meal. Either with rice or potatoes or pasta... or just on its own with bread. Mostly it works. ...well I'm still alive, so I'm assuming it works!!

Phaff on, o Purple one, phaff on.