Thursday 6 December 2007

Someone stop me!!!

Hi, I'm pg and I'm.....

**collective gasp**

A rub-aholic.

A marinate-ophile.

And my organic grocer is my enabler.

There I was, quietly buying some salad mix from the grocer, when, I saw it... well.. them actually, but it was THE ONE.

I had to have it.

corriander, sea salt, chilli and kaffir lime rub.

It's pay week.. I can afford it.

I don't neeeeeeed it.

(but I want it)

I bought it.

And then realised that it's the SIXTH packet of rub I've bought this week.

I am helpless.

I see a rub and I MUST have it.

How can I resist when I read this on the back of a rub:

Massage into lamb shanks or chicken thighs for a sensuous tagine, or rub onto a deboned leg of lamb

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See??? My hands get all shakey just being NEAR a rub.

Could hardly take the photo with the jones I had going!!!

I'm like some women are with shoes. Or hand bags. Or chocolate.

I got home and realised I have purchased 9 different rubs in two weeks.

Something is wrong with me.


I've already opened it, so I can't take it back. ... and I want it so bad.

it's sad.

(Corriander, chilli, SS and kaffir lime potatoes tonight Wink )


stickyfingers said...

I'm a shoe fiend. If we go en masse to the next Harvest Picnic you'll be quivering in your purple knickers for all the rubs they seem to have there.

Me? I'm a fresh herb freak. Don't really go near many of the dried bits unless doing an Asian or Middle Eastern braise.

I used to like to bash around with the mortar and pestle with pastes and get up to the forearms smearing fish and meat up, but as I am discovering, not much of the excellent meat we eat now needs much adornment. Am I becoming a purist? **She says holding her hands to her mouth**

purple goddess said...


As a reformed shoe whore (who broke 3 bones in their foot while wearing purple velvet 4inch stiletto thigh high CFM boots and discovered the joys of Crocs)I understand you only too well.

My purple panties are verily a quiver at the thought of the Harvest Picnic!!!

grocer said...

there is a time and a place for everything...

Vida said...

If that is your worst habit Ella, I will take it!!!! People have all sorts of bad habits, yours hurts no one and gives pleasure to all around you, it's all good!!! I think the greatest pleasure is to share food and when it's good food, well this is just a win/win situtation! You knock yourself out girl!!! More power to you and your rubs!!!! Vida x x x

Anonymous said...

Pondered whether to comment on this one or not!
Whenever I see the word 'panties' I am reminded of my wifes uneasiness with that word, especially if spoken or written by a bloke. She thinks it sounds creepy. She reakons briefs or knickers are better. I think I might get blackbanned if I used 'panties' & 'rub' in the same post! That out of the way, I have to agree with the last comment, if thats the sum total of your vices PG(IS this your rating, maybe it should be AO?), you've got a vip medallion at club heaven no problemo.

purple goddess said...

I specifically use the word "pantie" in conjunction with a leery kinda grin. It IS a creepy word, which is why I love it!!

No-one commented on my thigh-high velvet CFM's??

I'm shattered.

grocer said...

you kids crack me up!

purple goddess said...


Only in pg's kitchen can you go from marinades to thigh high CFM's, via the nastiness of panties, with a quick segue into "a-quiver", in the space of a few posts...


stickyfingers said...

...or come to my blog for genital topiary, custard and cheese.

Give me CFM's over Crocs any day.

Anonymous said...

I ignored the CFM's because I didn't want to ignite you inner bogan seeing that you were already in a slather over the harvest picnic!

Anonymous said...

All I can say ... never a dull moment in the house of fur & purple love (or Chez fur for that matter)

She throws spices & rubs over everything she's about to eat, makes no difference if she's wearing CFM's or Crocs.