Tuesday 22 January 2008

A Tale Of Two Breakfasts (part 1)

Due to a dodgy lift at work, I strained my back badly this weekend, so Furry decided to spoil me, while I sat around on the couch moaning like a bitch and mainlining Nurofen. Spoilage, in our house, pretty much always comes in the form of food. So I was instructed to sit on my fat butt and keep out of "his" kitchen.

Furry is a great cook, He's not much for poncy food, but does a mean breakkie, insane gow gees and pretty amazing wraps, nachos and other "batch" foods.

He also listens.

So what was presented to me on Saturday morning was thus:

sourdough Turkish bread from the local bakery, toasted. (not a chain bakery, a real live local baker)
1/2 a chorizo sausage, from the local butcher, made on site from locally sourced beasts.
Bacon, as above.
Free range organic eggs, from the Farmers Market (supplier from Red Hill)
1/2 a cheese Kransky (Sadly, from IGA Dromana, source unknown)
A hash brown (also from IGA, but)
topped with Tassie smoked salmon from Angelo's Fresh Fish in Rye.

Serve generously topped with fresh ground black pepper.

Total cost: $15 a serve.

Served with some free trade plunger coffee and a Valium.

No need to eat lunch.

(note the naughty Spewpermarket Kransky hiding in the background. Sorry, they're my breakkie weakness.)


Cindy said...

Rest up, PG!

Personally I think there's nothing more attractive than a man who will cook for you.