Tuesday 12 February 2008

Bloggers Banquet #2

Saturday April 5th

From 12.30

Chez Fur du Mer.

After the success of last year's much-blogged about Bloggers Banquet, organised by Ed, over at Tomato, I thought it might be time for another one.

BYO everything.

We'll have the oven up and running.. both the wood-fired one, and the indoor one if needed. We'll also have the BBQ up and going, with the wok burner, should anyone need it.

Email me at minor_deity1 (at) hotmail (dot) com. and I'll give you the actual address. Please include a link to your blog, so I know that you are a bona fide Aussie Food Blogger.

Y'all know that it's in Dromana, which is about 1 hrs drive from Melb.

Maybe some of you inner city guys could carpool??

Come, celebrate the last day of daylight savings!!

Interstate bloggers welcome.


stickyfingers said...

Mr Stickyfingers and I will be there with our trusty paella pan...or will I make a goat tagine in that lovely oven of yours...or a melange of roasted vegies...or...?

purple goddess said...

goat tagine.... drool!!!

I am hoping Furry has some luck with the schnapper over the next few weeks.


Anonymous said...

PG Thank you for taking the initiative (and the burden) of running this e-v-e-n-t.
We'd love to come
Elliot and Sandra

claire said...

I'm keen! I'll even try and whip up something a bit fancy-like... :)

PG, any idea why the feed from your blog won't link up to my Google Reader account? I want to subscribe!

stickyfingers said...

Claire I had the same problem until Mellie suggested actually putting in the feed rather than the URL in Reader. So paste this in instead:


Ed Charles said...

I worked out the feed as:


I can't make it I'm afraid as I have a, yawn, wedding I have to support Jackie with that day. Do you want me to do a linking post on it though? I may also add Bloggers banquet V1.2 as Confessions of a Food Nazi is keen on doing something 'tup north a bit earlier

claire said...

Whoo hoo! Now working, thanks sticky and Ed :)

purple goddess said...

Thanks for the linking help guys.. I checked it a while ago and it looked healthy enough.

MM, we'd LOVE to see you there, and y'all feel free to put up linking posts.

purple goddess said...

BTW, email Sticki or I for the addy.

Ran said...

i am on my honeymoon during this time so will have to wait till the next one...

Jon! said...

Hi PG. How you been? I would be most interested in coming along, but will have to check my schedule closer to the date. How exciting, and good on you for arranging it and providing the venue.

Happy eating,

Anonymous said...

Locked into my diary, praying nothing intervenes, thinking about foods.

Anonymous said...

Locked into my diary, praying nothing intervenes, thinking about foods.

Agnes said...

I'd love to come - looking forward to meeting you all :)

Anna said...

Hmm... I only work Saturday mornings, so I could actually attend. Sadly I start work at 8am on Sundays :( But I could always amble over and see how things are going for a couple of hours. I'll do my best

Serenity Later said...

Ooh i wish i still lived in melbourne to attend this, the aftermath write-ups & pics from the first one looked like so much good food & good times was had by all! I can't speak for my fellow flagrant food fawners but i certainly hope they get their butts into gear and attend this! For me i guess i'll have to be content to experience it vicariously through your write ups. Happy banqueting!!!

M? said...

Wow, a sadly neglected blog leads to all sorts of surprises.

Purple goddess I'd love to attend and I'll check with my fellow food fawners to see if any of them are available to come along too.

Hope it's not too late?

And fingers crossed nothing else pops up!

Hmmm... what to cook?

GS said...

Hope it goes well, don't think I can make it but will think of you all have a great, gastronomic time.