Sunday 24 February 2008

A picture tells a thousand words.

Lunch 5 minutes ago.

Award-winning Finnen loaf from

Kerrie Road Bakery,
20 Kerrie Road, Glen Waverley. 3150
(03) 9803 9979

oTTo cheese from
Bruny Island Cheese Company.

Figs from
My garden.

Quince paste from
South Cape Fine Foods

Roasted, marinated capsicum from:
Furry's Auntie Jean. Home made from her own garden.

Wine: Rosemount Estate 2004 Sauvignon Blanc.


Anonymous said...

Room for one more?

stickyfingers said...

I have fig envy.

I came home from SLow Food with Bruny's 1792 (to add to my Beautiful Stench series of posts), Tom & The Runny Goat whose name I temporarily have forgotten. I'm looking forward to the benefit's of their cheese club as 8 times a year there will be an offering which they will deliver if you choose to take it up. MMMm!

grocer said...
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grocer said...

without wishing to be any more contrary than necessary, I do see a meat/fruit combination going on in this picture - prosciutto & fig.

Perhaps, despite your aversion to apricot chicken, it's not always such a bad match? Although I did see a salmon and nectarine number on kitchen nightmares... Sir Gordon nearly puked eating it!

grocer said...
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grocer said...

apparently my mouse is a little trigger happy today...


purple goddess said...

Very perceptive of you, Grocer!! I thought I'd give the fruit/meat combo a go, after my Venison and Apricot pie.

I didn't NOT hate it, I have to say.

The fig was a little dry.. wot with the drought down here, and the cheese and fig combo is an old fave.

Mahaps I will be converted yet!!

Vida said...

What a picture, what can I say but "I wish I was there"!!! Kisses V x

Possumchops said...

Oooh.... Oops! Yep, I just drooled on my keyboard!

Jon! said...

PG, looks great.

Also just wanted to let you know of a F&W Festival event - A foodie trivia night. Its next Thursday and I am trying to put a table together so if you and Furry or anyone else is interested check out my blog for details and let me know.


Squishy said...

Heaven, looks scrumdidlyumscious!