Thursday 19 June 2008

A postcard from London...

Mater Beige is in LONDON!! Bless her! She is one of the strongest, most resilient women I have ever met, but this trip has been fraught with issues for her. She traveled the world with my father, my beloved Hobbit, and this is the first trip she has ever undertaken without him. She said "I never want to go to places I went to with your father, it would make me too sad", but, as is a travelers want, all roads lead to London. It's the jumping off point for pretty much all the rest of the travel she want to do. So I know that she will be walking the streets with a sense of both nostalgia and excitement, as she remembers the numerous times she traveled there with him, and with my brother and I.

I can still see, in my mind, the Super8 film my Dad took of my brother and I eating whelks in white vinegar at Paddington Market in 1976.

This is her first ever holiday, since she was 15, without my dad, and I am full of props for her for taking this step into her post-Hobbit life.

Before she went, I told her to take me as many pics of food, and gather as many descriptions of food and restaurant visits as she could.

So I get a postcard today:

Dear Kids,
I am enjoying my holiday so far in this wonderful city once more, The weather is sunny and warm. We went to Covent Garden Market yesterday and walked up the street to Harrods and had a great dinner last night in a famous fish restaurant".

Oh Mumsly!!! MORE INFO PLEASE!!!! Was it Scotts of Mayfair?? fish!? Golden Hind?

You tease me with your lack of information!! I appreciate you remembering that I wanted to know about food, but I need so much more!!!

If you are reading this online (although the post card took 20 days to get here, and you're actually on a train thru Catalonia right now), you HAVE to feed me some more snippetts!!

She then goes on to further tease me with this:

and tonight we're going to Gary Rhodes' restaurant

Aaaaaahhhh!!! Could the frisson of anticipation be any more orgasmic???

Which one, Mumsly?? W1 Brasserie?, 24?, W1?....

How can I live vicariously through you if you don't give me the details???!!! How can I peruse on-line menus and download pics and reviews (all the better to quizz you about when you get back) if you don't give me details???


I love my Mum, but she is SUCH a tease....


stickyfingers said...

Oh Bless. What torment, what utter frustration to deny you the opportunity to gloat vicariously - LOL! Parent's. God Lov'em.

purple goddess said...

She best have taken some pics, or there'll be blood on the moon, I tells ya!

grocer said...

Dja reckon your daughter's going to think the same (if she doesn't already)?
there's something about childbirth methinks.