Tuesday 21 October 2008

Reason 19,614 why you SHOULDN'T buy crap.

UPDATE!!!! (23.10.08)

A couple of things. Firstly, I just received a call from the lovely Ria, from 7 Eleven. And yes, she apologised for the situation, particularly in my not having received a call before. Here's the thing. Because I reported the issue as a "past its use-by"complaint, it was dealt with as a stock rotation issue. And here's where I buggered up. As the luscious and canny Vida says in the comments section of this post, the youghurt was NOT a month past its use by. That big date in the photo? That's the date the product was packed. The youghurts use-by date was actually 09.10.08, the date it was purchased. So the youghurt wasn't out of warranty (just). I still reckon it's a bit bloody confusing, but I admit, I had my facts wrong.

It was however, still mouldy, so Ria will now be investigating the issue as a production problem.

I was offered a sincere apology (Did the lovely Ria know of my prediliction for a Scottish accent?? *le swoon**), some compo (err... not in the form of any foodstuffs, BTW!), and all is right in pg's little world.

And the funny thing?

Ria didn't follow up because of the original complaint. She followed up because "someone" alerted her to this post. ;)

Just more fuel for my permanent encampment on the Grassy Knoll **insert slighty nervous of Big Brother icon**

Ok, it's no justification, but I'm going to try anyway.

Life has been crazy busy. Crazy busy like I haven't had a day off in 26 weeks busy. Busy like sitting in the driveway, in the car, in tears, not wanting to come to work busy.

Hence that lack of posts over the past month. It's been the end of a very long and grueling professional crisis. That unfortunately spilled over into my real life. And affected my time and desire to blog.

So, it's all coming to an end soon, and Furry and I will FINALLY have some time off. In which we're going to recharge, fall in love again.. with food and life and each other. And hopefully, I will return from my 2 weeks in Merimbula with photos and blog posts galore.

So, to heart of this post.

With all the above going on, Furry has been shouldering most of the cooking at The House of Fur and Purple Love. And despite him conjuring up some AWESOME food, I just haven't had the wherewithal to photograph anything and plan posts. It also translates to a complete lack of interest in food. And believe me, when that happens to me, I am sick. Very VERY sick. So early on Thurday 9th Oct, I had once again forgotten lunch and decided to drop by a 7-Eleven and pick up something.

Berry yoghurt. Doesn't look too bad, does it? Sorta healthy. Better than a pie, right? Or one of their sammies that was probably put together some time last Millennium?

Newp. Wrong. None of the above. I purchase it, drive to the office, whack it in the fridge, get it out at lunch time and notice:

The use by date.

Check my dates again. I purchased this yoghurt at 7.25 on 9th Oct. That means it was exactly ONE MONTH past its use-by date. And see that weird looking discoloration on the right hand side??

Yup, you guessed it. Despite the seal being intact, THIS is what greeted me in my lunch.

Now, as well as being stressed at work and giving up smoking, I've got me a useless frickin' mouldy lunch, that has stunk out my office with the vilest odour you can imagine.

So I call 7-Eleven head office and complain. Someone tells me that someone else will get back to me. The day wears on, and no phone call. So I ring the local city council, who come and take offending yoghurt away, promise to look into the issue and get back to me.

And maybe cause I am currently a pre-menstrual, nicotene-deprived middle aged woman prone to ranting, but here's the thing.

AS OF TODAY, Tuesday 21st Oct, NO-ONE HAS.

I recieved one call on the Friday after this incident, where someone with an inteligible accent, from 7Eleven rang and took my name, my number, and where I bought the yoghurt. (The 7Eleven at 792-806 Heatherton Road Springvale 03 9562 3123, if anyone is interested). But no apology, no offer of a refund... NOTHING!!!

Not so much as a "By your leave". And no feed back from the Council, either.

But here's the thing that pisses me off. Not only were 7Eleven selling goods outside their use by date, not one single person from that organisation has apologised.

I'm not interested in a refund, I want someone to say "Oh, I am terribly sorry that happened, Ms Hall, and we've discovered a glitch in the store's checking of stock, and it has now been fixed. Thank you so much for bringing it to our attention"

And WHY does that make me feel so pissy? (apart from the stress and the nicotene withdrawl)?


Cos I find myself saying "In my day........." and wondering when basic human courtesy slipped away.

Cos I wold like to believe that a tub of youghurt ONE MONTH past its use by date is a once-off thing, and an honest mistake, but I find myself muttering into my twin sets, that it was more likely a grab for a fast buck ("Hell, no-one will notice, and it's still sealed, she'll be ok, mate!")

Cos of ALL the things I DON'T need right at this minute, is to feel like a GRUMPY OLD WOMAN.

And when a tub of, albeit it, mouldy youghurt makes me feel more righteous than Germaine Greer on Day 3, with a chocolate jones, then I KNOW it's time to get some down time.

Bah Humbug.

pg will be away from Fri 24th Oct to Mon 10th Nov. She will attempt not to bite the heads of small children, should they act like screaming gibbons in her presence, for the duration of her holiday. She will also attempt to "go to her happy place" should she encounter any Green P Plate drivers in Supra's with Remus exhausts, blaring out ooonce ooonce music, during the drive.


Zoe said...

Hope you have a good holiday! heh

purple goddess said...

Thanks love.. we will.

Griffin said...

"I am currently a pre-menstrual, nicotene-deprived middle aged woman prone to ranting"

Gulp! Put down the knife and step awaaay from the kitchen...please? Pretty please with cellophane?!

Hmmm, methinks you should have gone to the press with it. 7-11 would have very, very suddenly woken up and paid attention.

Still, at least ye professional crisis is now over and without the nicotene you stand a chance of not getting cancer, heart disease and the like. Trust me, it's not just me that likes the little things about you... like you being alive and in one piece - ideally the piece you are now.

Have a big deep breath holiday and yeah, fall in love with the Fur-meister again - that'll set you up.

Me, I'm going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday. Not quite the same, but I get to do the Timewarp.

Vida said...

Honey, hate to throw a spanner in the works and all but have you mixed up your Packed Date and your Best Before date??? Which sadly are a month apart meaning you can keep that muck for a month... Regardless the stuff was bloody off but I have a bad feeling the BB is the best before date and may be why the council is so relaxed about it... V x

Anonymous said...

Do try to have a fantasmo-super-relaxin' hol PG!

purple goddess said...

Griff.. enjoy RHPS.. one of my all time faves..

"There's a liiiiiiiiiiiight, over at the Frankenstein place"

And this giving up smoking thing is messin' with my head. But I'm determined to quit this time. I like me in one piece, without cancer and lung disease, too.

And Vida, you are so right!! I opened the yoghurt, saw the mould, gagged from the stench and couldn't think clearly!

And Duncan.. I am SO going to have a fantasmo holiday. Where we're staying is a 5 min drive from the Seafood Co=op, as 25min drive from the Tilba cheese region, we've packed our fishing rods and tackle, and we plan to do a lot of angling, sleeping in and eating!!

Anonymous said...

My dearest PG

I;m proud we are trying to quit. Like the idea of making "old bones" with you. Now, remember our relaxation mantra ......

PG .....
this is Furry .........
come to the dark side ........
we have automatic weapons ..........

and missiles with Supra written all over them!

Aw come on ... you know you wanna!

Griffin said...

Furry... should a "pre-menstrual, nicotene-deprived" woman have automatic weapons??!!!

Trying to quit is brilliant and actually quitting will mean all your food will taste even better than usual.

Now I wanna hear you sing it!!

You and Furry are clearly no Brad and Janet! Especially when there are missiles with Supra written all over them!

Have a fab time, both of ya!

Squishy said...

I tell you I feel the same way as you do at the moment. Over worked out of control and tired. My Chopper and I have been through the to much work phase for the last three months. I think I forgot what he looks like naked LOL. Also I am becoming one of those grumpy complaining old women as well, every little customer service problem I encounter turns me into a raving lunatic. I am with ya love :)