Thursday 18 December 2008

Just to clear something up.

Furry PostSecret card from 6/20/07. Per PostSecret's copyright, an image may be used with a link to the PostSecret website.

I was recently involved in a conversation where someone intimated that my use of the word "Furry" was "kinky".

I was a little confused about this, as it is simply the nickname, on line and in RL for my husband. I mean everyone.. EVERYONE calls him Furry.

So I was a bit confused about why this was deemed as kinky.

Ahh, but the world has become a more enlightened, if not some how less mystical place, thanks to Wikki and Google.

Imagine my suprise to find that "furry" is a widely used term for people who identify as or with furry animals... They even have a whole Wikki about this sub culture.

The word furry has several meanings, dependent on the context in which it is used. Predominantly, it means "consisting of or resembling fur".[1] It also pertains to an interest in anthropomorphic animals and/or mythological or imaginary creatures which possess human or superhuman capabilities. The plural form of furry in all its contexts is furs or furries; the subjects of furry interest are also known as furries.

Now, far be it from me to question another person's right to be in touch with their inner fursona, but... and it's a big but.....

Apparently some people within this subculture are sexually gratified/aroused by the wearing of their fur suits.. or have suits specially **ahem** modified to perform..... oh never mind, you get the idea. These people are apparently known within the Furry culture as "furverts"

WikiFur says
"The Furry Dictionary lists furvert as "One who enjoys furry erotica", a defintion provided by Barry Gold in October 2000.

And no, I am not making this up. You read that right.



So, remembering that my mother reads this, I give to you the reason I call my husband Furry.

Because the first time I ran my hands up his back, I stopped and gleefully said "oh, you're furry!!!".. and he stopped, looked at me nervously and said "yes, does it disgust you?".. where by my answer was to drag him into my boudoir and... yes.. that's right Mum, we played Scrabble.

Anyhow.. I happen to like my men with body hair... and he's got it.. in spades.. Thus, he's "Furry".

So for any of you dear readers that thought that somehow my husband either a) likes to dress up as Sly Racoon, and have me paddle him a-la repressed English boarding school styles, while he yells "I've been a naughty little poodle!!


b) has a penchant for watching "Basil, the Great Mouse Detective" while wearing his nipple-less latex chicken suit,

I assure you this is not the case. And for further reference, as someone who avoids pop culture, should I make any passing reference to something like this in the future, please fill me in. IN private.

God, please don't tell me that "pg" is a subversive MPRPG leet term for someone who fantasizes about being showered with other people toenail clippings........

OH, and on a final note, while again reiterating my complete respect for anyone who identifies as a member of this or any other sub-group, I offer this advice.





"plushie images".



Anonymous said...

Thank you, godessly one, for this most educational post. Lifting of veils from my innocent eyes.

FURVERT! I love it!!

Ed Charles said...

Have you seen the "furry" episode of entourage?

Griffin said...

!!!!!!!!!! and also :0 I am shocked, my innocence lies shattered... ok, it would if I was innocent. Old proverb - there is nothing at all that a human being will not try to get his/her jollies. And now you know. I actually thought that you called him Furry 'cos he had a beard, so I was at least nearer the truth.

As for Purple Goddess.... heh, heh, heh! ahem. Wot?!

purple goddess said...

so, of course, this post then begs the question... Does the use, nay even possession, of fur lined hand-cuffs make one a Furvert??


Anonymous said...

cAn Not tYpe GooD .... HaNDcuffs Too tiGht, Fur cauSing itChing ......

WhaT wAs thE quEstIon agaIn?

BrokenAngel said...

First I must say that I am sorry that you came across the furry community in the way you did. But.. I suppose for those not interested, that's always the way it happens.

I myself, am a furry.
Now, before you bring out your hatchet, let me explain the difference between what you know, and what the reality is.
Within every subculture, there is porn. Every single one.
If you can think of it, you can find it on the internet. If you can't think of it, it's on the internet.
While the idea around furryness is very tame, people out there have their 'special fantasies', and if being a furry fulfils their tame fantasy, then their isn't much of a line to cross to get to the other side.
Being a furry has about as much to do with sex for me as does my love of poetry. Being a furry has to do with being inspired by the idea of anthropomorphism in animals (think Bugs Bunny). While to some, it is just the alias they use online, to others it is who they truly think they are inside. They find greater comfort and similarity with animals than they do with humans. (And sometimes, I don't blame them..) For myself, my 'fursona' as it's called, is a furry mirror of myself. The animal that best represents the unique traits that make me, well Me.

Anyways, I was a bit saddened about this article and wanted to give you a better perspective on why it's not so bad that your husband is 'furry'. ;)

Unknown said...

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