Tuesday 27 January 2009

Big Day Out


Yes. it's Dromana's favourite festival. Australia Day. Where the Lady Lionesses man the scones and jam stall, the local CFA provides egg and bacon rolls for free, the Coast Guard turns up and lets the kids play all over the boat.

The local high school choir provides a rousing rendition of "Australians all and ostriches" and the kids get their faces painted.

While it might not be BDO, it's Dromana's BDO, and for me, it sums up everything love about being part of a small seaside town. Everyone gets in and lends a hand, the food is dodgy but free to all, the main drag (read: the pier) is cordoned off and people walk around smiling widely.

The sea really IS that blue, there are young women in hiijabs enjoying the petting zoo, Italian opa's are teaching kids how to fish from squid off the end of the pier, and the local Koori tribe has been honoured before festivities begin.

Best.. or worst of all, some poor sap is wandering around in the 37degree Celsius weather, wearing an electric yellow pig suit. Made of foam. As you do.

THIS is Australia at its best.


Beer Blokes said...

G'Day PG,
Good to see you had such a great Australia Day. I think I like this day the best because there is no such thing as, well, the thing to do! It is so many different things from quiet backyard BBQs to BDOs and casual to formal affairs and everything in between. And cheers to the bloke in the pig suit! The beer at the end of his day must have been soooooooo nice!
Prof. Pilsner

purple goddess said...

Hey Prof!!!

What did you and your fellow Beer Monsters get up to on Oz Day??

As part of the celebrations, my kids got free hand-out bags, with a Sam Kekovic face mask.. they were AWESOME!!!.. and yes, I cooked up some lamb on Oz Day.. but in the true multicultural spirit of the day, I made a lamb Korma curry!!

Beer Blokes said...

Quiet BBQ - just a couple of families, with ... Greek Lamb!! And just a handful of Australian beers!

Jazz said...

The pier! Damn I miss the pier... I wanna go baaaaaack!!!!

Ali-K said...

Ha, pity the pig. Sounds like a great place to spend Australia Day.

Ali-K said...
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