Wednesday 21 January 2009

Win a $30 gift voucher from Menulog

My cooking, like ANY passion can sometimes wane. I am currently experiencing my annual post Ex Mousse slump. I can't bear the thought of preparing another chicken breast, pork.. even with crackle.. leaves me cold. Ham?? Don't even speak its name. Even the dogs, Stella Bella Bottom Smeller and Mrs Peaches are turning up their noses at ham.

There are just times, lets face it, when even the most passionate foodaholic just wants some dodgy Indian takeaway delivered straight to the door. It's Summer. The weather has been crap, I am sick to death of salad, and despite currently holidaying in one of the top gourmet regions of Victoria, I have a seriously jaded palate.

Berries are boring, cheese is cheesy, bread is dead, I have no achin' for bacon. Hell, even a top T-bone on the BBQ leaves me MEH.

Menulog, Australia's largest online home and office food delivery service have offered one of my dear readers a $30 gift voucher. And far from being only about dodgy Indian take-away. it's got over 500 different restaurants on its books, Aussie-wide.

Australia's most comprehensive online home and office delivery service.
  • Delivery in as little as 30 minutes
  • 500+ restaurants to choose from
  • All cuisines - Indian, Chinese, Italian / Pizza, Thai and more
  • Great specials saving you up to 20%
  • Track all previous orders and re-order with a single click
  • Great corporate benefits

All you have to do is reply here, in the comments section, about how do YOU deal with a jaded palate. The answer that makes me laugh the most wins. Obviously it's only available for Australian citizens, but hell.. if you're an OS reader, drop me a line anyway. Competition closes on Wed 28th Jan 2009.


Griffin said...

Cheese and lime pickle sandwiches. The cheese is meh, but the pickle gives you a kick up the Londonderry.

Tho' I rarely have a jaded palate having been a cat in a past life and therefore a glutton.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to enter but if you do find out how to cure that awful jaded palette, please share! It's so depressing not wanting to eat, much less cook.

greentara13 said...

Just eat custard powder for a week ,then anything will be a treat!
U'll be certain to get your foodie groove back. ;]

Anonymous said...

I don't know how well it would work on a jaded palete, but the other night when I had my sister and brother-in-laww over for dinner I made champaign jelly with blueberries served with double cream for desert and it was scrumptious! I could have gone a few more rounds of those little puppies don't you worry!

Bluenose said...

Sorry, had some problem posting just before, now the system seem to be happy it's me...

P.S. sorry 'bout the double post...

purple goddess said...

I don't know about custard powder.. that sounds naaaaasty.

But Griff, I DID heed your advice and tried a cheese and lime pickle sarnie!!

it was AWESOME!!!

What a great way to revive jaded taste buds!!!

I actually had 2 sarnies, one just with cheese and pickle, and the other, cheese pickle and left over lamb Korma.. disgusting but wunneerful!!!