Wednesday 8 April 2009

Fru Fru Fruit!

The Splitter’s Creek Fruit Company are not local to the Mornington Peninsula. They are a young couple from Albury. But you can forgive them this, when they tell you that they come down to do the Red Hill Market, and to stay with their Granny, who lives around the corner.
According to these guys
“People don’t make cordial any more. Even finding a recipe is a challenge. Cordials are now artificially coloured and flavoured, part of the junk food culture of the Twenty-First Century: Maximum sugar for the lowest price”.
Could we love them any more?? You can read more about their environmental commitment here.
The art of making cordials has almost been lost, even thought their history is rich and well recorded. Arnold de Vila Nova, the Catalan alchemist wrote in the 13th Century of aqua vitae flavoured with herbs and spices, and believed they were divinely inspired from Heaven.
The good thing about the Splitter’s Creek Cordials is that all their products are made without preservatives. And the colours of the bottles will entrance you!!
And with flavours like Pink Lady and Raspberry (simmered with roasted black peppercorns for kick!, Granny Smith Apple and Ginger (which, I am told is awesome with warm water!), Pineapple and Star Anise, these are a pleasant change from the cloying sweetness of the Cottee’s of my childhood.
Our favourite was the Blood Orange and Coriander.
Watch out for them. They’re changing their name to Fru-Fru Cordials, soon