Thursday 18 June 2009

If sex sells...?

Does group sex sell more?

What about if you combined group sex with a ferocious aquatic legend?

Do you think think that would sell more?

Seriously. What advertising numpty thought "Wow, let's combine the ruthless killing power and voracious appetite of the Pygopristis denticulata with the prurient taboo of group sex, make it sound all fancy-like by using French and use it to sell POTATO SNACKS?"
I particularly like the furtive"Un c'est bon, Deux c'est superbe, mais Trois... c'est fantastique" in orgasmically cursive script, nestled coquettishly above the "menage a trois".
Seriously. Marketing like this makes me want to climb to the top of the nearest clock tower.

Oh, and by the way. They taste like shit.


Bluenose said...

What the?

Sure you didn't mean Pygocentrus nattereri?


Actially the packet does not look all that appetising to me. What possessed you to buy them? Or was it just morbid curiosity?

I like your deconrtuction of the markeing schtick, BTW.

purple goddess said...

They appeared in one of those Aussie Fare boxes of lollies on the front counter of work. I had to buy it just to take the photo!

Jazz said...

Tht is just bizarre it is...

Worse than whoever thought of it, who the hell approved it?

Jo said...

I actually have to admit I thought the same thing when I bought these out of curiosity also!!

Menage a trois - WTF? Oh well... if it sells they will use it I suppose!

Great blog btw.

Griffin said...

Well don't you feel, in the middle of group sex, hungry for a crunchy snack that will leave crumbs in the bed?

I suppose it's better than having group sex in piranha infested waters.

"Marketing like this makes me want to climb to the top of the nearest clock tower." Yes but I think there are laws against throwing halfwits from clock towers... tho' now I have a mental image of you standing astride the very top throwing marketing nits at planes a la Queen Kong!!!

What? It could happen!