Wednesday 3 June 2009

Lions and Tiger and Bears, Oh My!

Well, not quite. But certainly dogs of all descriptions. Over a months ago, Furry and I were lucky enough to be invited to a Briard Lovers function. For those who don't know about this breed, you can read Stella Bella Bottom Smeller's story here. We were a bit nervous, as SBBS doesn't have the greatest track record with other dogs. For a neurotic, abused animal, she can get might argey-bargey when it comes to other dogs.

So it was with some trepidation that we headed off to Kepala Doggie Day Spa to meet the Briard Bunch.

After learning the benefits of the 2 second sniff, and working through Furry's neuroses ("What if she bites the ears off a Grand Pooh-Bah Champion Billion-Dollar-A-Squirt Breeding Show dog?"), we finally got up the courage to let the girls off the lead.

Yes. That is a pic of Stella Bell and Mrs Peaches, sans leads, interacting with other dogs. Who would have thought, seven years ago, when we bougfht home that skinny, scared, paranoid, scruffy mongrel, that we'd be seeing this?!

And because I am an adoptee, I got all weird and did this whole transference thing, and got teary. Because finally, Stella Bella got to meet other pups that look just like her! To the point where Furry couldn't tell who was who!

So after a morning of leaping and jumping and swimming and butt-sniffing, we retired to the BBQ area to eat.

I had heard much about the quality of foods served at these get-togethers and I wasn't disappointed. Sushi and salad and cheesecake and nibbly bits abounded. The pups were too bloody tired from all their frollicking to worry about who was sniffing whose butts and lay in the shade having a sleep.

Which is weird, given that this is pretty much a Briard's normal positioning at an outdoor dinner.

Much was made of David's Turkish delight cheesecake. And short work was made of it on the day.

We met an awesome bunch of people, whose passion for their dogs meets our own. Several of them blog, so go and visit Jeremy's photo blog or David's Art Deco building blog

Looking forward to the next meet up!


Tan said...

Hi Ella, it was an AWESOME day wasn't it?? It was so brilliant meeting you & Furry in the flesh, and your pupsters were much maligned by you - but they were PERFECT.

There will be many days like that in our horizon - we is FAMILY now!

purple goddess said...

Am tempted to host a SBBS Briard Birthday BAsh at Chez Fur, but will have to wait to see if we even HAVE the house then... Bank making nasty noises and might have to rent it out.

Jazz said...

How great that Stella got along with the others!

Anonymous said...

The breed looks great Ella but ARE they good eating? The pelt looks usefull also, oven mits etc..
OK OK, just joshing!

Griffin said...

Love the standard dinnertime position of the breed!

A certain cat I knew used to put his front paws on my lap and mew very quietly in case me mum heard him!!

As with cats so with dogs... call 'em what you like, just don't call 'em late for dinner!

David Thompson said...

Hi Ella
I certainly was great to meet you and Ray and the more important members of the family (Stella and Mrs Peaches) :-)
Looking forward to the next one and thanks for the Art Deco Buildings plug.