Sunday 16 August 2009

What's been going on in pg land

Things have been tough lately. And tight. I've said it before, the line between prosperity and destitution is a very thin one indeed. Lots of things have had to go by the wayside, like money for exotic and yummy ingredients. I've been working 2 extra jobs and have barely had the time to blog.

let alone had the motivation.

For a while there, the novelty of Frugal Foods kept the blog alive, but you guys can only hear about so may posts based on mince and canned tomatoes.

For a while I have felt like I have nothing new to offer. All my posts are based on my whiny-arsed position of Furry's unemployment.

It has really sucked to be me, and sucked even more to read my boring, gormless, whining posts about how hard it is yada yada yada.

So, you probably have wondered where I have been for the past week or so. PG, who pretty much lives her open life on the Interwebs, has had no blog/facebook/twitter act-shawn.

Thing have to be pretty crook in Tallarook for PG to disappear of the www.radar for a week at a time.

Or maybe I am a totally self-absorbed numpty and none of you have noticed?

Anyway. Here's what I've been up to.

and a bit of

and even a bit of

yes, folks. I'z been away.


As in Papua New Guinea.

As in LAE, PNG, where Furry will shortly be taking up his new position as Logistics and Operations Manager for a local rice company!

For those who follow my self-indugent ramblings, you may recall that Furry recently went for a job in PNG, only to be pipped at the post.

Well, late last Thursday, we found out the guy who got the job had knocked it back, and that Furry was now the successful candidate.

So on Tues of last week, we were flown to Lae, in PNG to have a looksee at what is going to be our new home for the next 3 plus years.

I thank you all for the collective ju ju that allowed this situation to develop and promise you more exciting posts from PNG. Furry is moving up there in about a week, and I will hopefully be off around the end of the year. There are still some decisions to make that might change the timelines of my move, but at this stage of the game, it's all systems go go GO!!


BBQ'd fruit bat, anyone?


Ed Charles said...

Wow! A terrible year but now also exciting. How was the fruit bat?

purple goddess said...

tasted a bit like chicken ;)

stickyfingers said...

Was about to email you when I saw this. *GOBSMACKED* New beginnings my luvvverlee. (((hugs)))

Vida said...

Keep the blog going because this is going to be good!!! You will be teaching us all 101 ways with fruit bats!!!! V x

Griffin said...

Hurrah! Well done that Furrymeister!

Good to know you will be cooking in the sun... er and eating fruit bat... you realise it might well turn you into a fruitbat don't you?

A great beeg purple fruitbat! It might be safer to stick to chicken!! Especially for the fruitbats!

claire said...

Wow! Congratulations to the two of you on your exciting new adventure.

And YOWZA to barbequed fruit bat!!

Jackie said...

Oh my goodness what exciting news! Congratulations Furry!

Mmm part of me thinks fruit bats might not be the weirdest things you come across...

Can't wait for all your adventure stories!

grocer said...

Congratulations Furry and PG. Brace yourselves for some adventure!

Zoe said...

Congratulations. What a fantastic thing to do. Beats staying and home feeling poor and sad!

purple goddess said...

thanks for all the love, loves! We're pretty much so excited we could pee.

Furry flies out next Monday and I will be following along probabaly early next year.

Stand by...

Anonymous said...

I have missed your musings pg. Congratulations on your exciting news!! I myself have just arrived back in Australia after living for 12 months in another country, and it was a great experience. My husband left first and I packed up the house and joined him - just as you will do by the sounds of it. I shall look forward to your future posts!

Duncan | syrupandtang said...

Fantastic to hear, pg -- great for Furry and exciting for both of you. I wish you both the best new beginnings in this adventure.

Anonymous said...

Hi PG-as usual I'm late to the party. So very glad that you & Furry are on the up & up, congratulations & keep on blogging

Bluenose said...

Hmmm... BBQ fruit bat... my favourite!

Great news! I let Gottie know, she sends her love and congratulations too.

Jazz said...

How great is that!?!?!

Can we go visit you there too?

Ran said...

ive missed ur posts PG. good luck for the new adventure!