Thursday 5 November 2009

VCE exams.

For the next few weeks, the House of Fur and Purple Love is going to revolve around our son, The Lima Bean. He's sitting his VCE exams. This means that the rest of the household defers to his every whim. It was the same for all his other sibs who have previously sat their VCE. The rules in our house are simple. During your VCE year (and more so during the exams) their job is to study. To eat, sleep. drink., fart and poop study. The rest of the family's job is to facilitate that happening.

The Lima Bean came to me recently and told me that he was thinking of throwing in his studies and becoming a barrista. I instantly went into Jewish Mother mode and told him he was pronouncing it wrong

"It's BARRISTER, dahlink, not BARRISTA"

So, more of the Jewish/Italian/Greek mother came out in me this morning, when I was making him breakfast. What do you make to send your son out into the most stressful time of his entire schooling?

For me it was a no-brainer. It had to be something low GI, nourishing, healthy and "brain-boosting"

Enter my fave range of breakfast foods, Real Good Foods .

What is Real Good Food?

The closest most of us come to eating wholefoods is through a diet of white & refined rice & bread – nutritionally ‘empty’ food that fails to give us the essential nutrients found naturally in wholefood. Advocates of wholefood claim that up to 90% of nutrients such as b vitamins, calcium, protein and vitamin e are removed from the grain in its refinement.

With the idea of returning organic wholefood to our diet in an enticing way, realgoodfood began. Eleven years on we remain committed to our philosophy of working with certified organic and biodynamic organic wholefood. Our ingredients are grown in nutrient rich soil by Australia’s best growers and minimally processed to preserve flavour and valuable oils. This is premium wholefood.

My personal fave is their organic lemon polenta porridge.

A coeliacs delight, this organic porridge has a zesty tang that will warm your heart. Made with freshly ground corn meal & wholegrain rice this is a creamy meal that gives long lasting energy. Corn & wholegrain rice are nutritious grains that are well worth a place in a wholefoods diet. ? We recommend it be cooked with a combination of water, milk & apple or pear juice
I cooked it in whole milk, with some organic honey. It's wonderfully creamy and rich, with a real "stick to your ribs" goodness about it. It's bung full of whole nuts and dried fruit as well. It is pretty much made of pure, organic, biodynamic, Lima Bean-fueling awesomeness. It's not cheap, but 1/2 a cup of mix makes about 1.5 cups of finished polenta. More than enough for a growing Lima Bean. I get mine from the organic fruit shop in Kerrie Road, where they stock quite a few Real Good Food products, including another fave:

So, if you're reading this today, spare a thought for Lima Bean. There is a lot of pressure on kids today to make life decisions at the tender age of 17, and the pressure that's applied to kids, in regard to VCE, is far more than when I did my HSC all those years ago. He may not end up being a barrister, and I am actually quite OK with that, but however today's results turn out, I know that he's gone off with a tummy full of brain-enhancing goodness.


Anonymous said...

Good luck lima bean! I know you'll be awesome at whatever you do, and here's a secret - I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up either! So don't feel like you need to plan the rest of your life right this second. Just keep moving forward and never stop learning new things!


Griffin said...

I hope there isn't a crossed wire here, a barrista is what Starbucks staff are called - a barrister is an argument in a wig and gown (well here in the UK anyway)!!

Surely he'll grow up to be an International Jumping Bean?!

Either way once he's passed the exam he'll never be a Has Bean! The world will be his cheesecake... with his fave topping... and his mum will scoff the lot before he gets near it, cos she's spent all that time worrying about him!!

Victoria SkyDancer said...

Oh gods yes, I remember those days...
In the States, we call them the SAT's, I think, but it's still a cause of uber-stress regardless of nationality!

I soared through mine with flying colors, as I'm sure Lima Bean will to. May the Force be with him! ;-)

Blessed Be,

Kim (frogpondsrock) said...

Good luck to your Lima bean. It looks like my Grand daughter might have coeliacs so I am off to have a quick look at their site. We have wholefood shops down here in Hobart but the range is pretty basic and that lemon polenta porridge looks yummy