Monday 5 April 2010

Introducing the Purple Princess.

Meet my niece, The Purple Princess. Daughter of my brother. She is an awesome young woman, in Grade 6 this year, and is a sensational dancer and athlete. She is pretty much made of awesome in every sense of the word. And she's my only niece, so when she comes to stay, she gets the full Purple Experience.

Now, everyone needs an Auntie Purple. Who talks to you about boys and farting and lets you stay up late and eat icecream for breakfast. Pretty much anything goes at Auntie Purple's house.. except for bad manners. It's pretty much as long as you chew with your mouth closed and say "please" and "thank-you", you can pretty much do as you please. every kid who has ever entered my home has pretty much worked out, as long as there are good manners, Auntie Purple will let you get away with ANYTHING.

Not such a bad philosophy, I guess.

So, this weekend, PP got to:

Make wholesome, healthy food and talk about carbon footprints, how sugar is bad for you and how eating ethically is important.

And then we made Nutella, banana and marshmellow pizza.

in the pizza oven.

and eat it at 10pm.

Then we talked about how it's very important to have good manners, and behave "properly" and hold your knife and fork correctly. Because dining out is a very important part of life and people who chew with their mouths open are disgusting, vile, ill-bred common guttersnipes.

But there was the lamb bone left over from the luncheon roast, so hey, who cares about all that stuff??

But the reality is, that she understands that at home, with Auntie Purple, it's ok to gnaw of the roast bone, and eat sticky marshmellow pizza with her fingers, as long as when you go out, you understand that it IS actually important to have good table manners.

PP, a soy chai spiced latte and the morning paper, discussing the environmental impact of the shipping disaster off the GBR.

PP eating her free-range eggs and organic bacon, discussing where bacon comes from, and why "this" bacon tastes "better" that the stuff from Coles.

It takes a village to raise a child, and every village needs and Auntie Purple.


silvergirl said...

every child does need an Auntie Purple!



Anonymous said...

OMG Heather would love a night over with her Granny Purple, especially if it involved that marshmallow pizza..... LOL. She could do with a good role model for eating out too.... but maybe I'm being too harsh on an 8 year old (they tend not to be able to sit still for very long...)

Anonymous said...

PS We just spent Easter @ Wilsons Prom and popped into the Foster Market yesterday. We bought some home grown Golden Delicious apples. OMG I haven't had apples that divine since I last picked one off a tree when I was a kid. I'm on a new mission now, gotta find which markets are on within reasonable travelling distance each weekend or so, so I can try some more delightful fresh produce. I can't believe it's taken me this long to figure it out......

Anonymous said...

PPS Did I mention the 20 bucks worth of Fudge (in 6 different flavours) that I couldn't resist....... OMG OMG OMG OMG.....

Jazz said...

I need an Auntie Purple... and a trip to Domana... (le sigh)

purple goddess said...

hey Jen,

head to the Farmer's MArkets on the Mornington Pen... Red Hill, Balnarring, Rosebud, ect... or Mornington.

You will be stunned by the prices and quality! We make a morning of it, so it's like a wee day trip.

Glad you've finally jumped on the band wagon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link PG !

Always wanted to do it, but getting up early on my 1 of only 2 sleep-in days is harsh LOL.

Now that I've tasted what I've been missing though, I think it's time I got my arse outta bed early even if just once a fortnight...


Griffin said...

Yes, everyone needs an Auntie Purple... everyone, everywhere.