Tuesday 24 August 2010

A Taste of Melbourne (free tix)

AGITK has some free tix to either this Thursday or this Friday's sessions of A Taste of Melbourne, along with some luscious Green and Black chocolate.

If you would like complimentary ticket AND a block of G&B chokkie, tell me why, in the comments section. The best responses will get themselves a ticket.

Note: the tickets are for THIS Thursday night, and one of the 2 sessions on Friday, NOT for the weekend.

Le 'em rip!


Unknown said...

I would like to have the ticket simply because I love food!!

Pigdog said...

I would like to win a ticket to Taste of Melbourne because I want to create the ultimate Melbourne eating experience by winding my way through Maze, up into The Palace and around Charcoal Lane.

The B*critic said...

Do I have a chance?
I just want to win because I'm so stingy that I don't want to buy my own ticket... but I LOVE FOOD!

purple goddess said...

Ok guys!!

The three of you email me with the address you;d like the tix mailed to, and they'll go in the post tonight!!

email me at

minor (underscore) deity1 at hotmail dot come

The B*critic said...

thanks, just emailed ya!!!
thanks thanks!!!