Tuesday 26 October 2010

Suprised? Anyone?

Coles Supermarkets wins Choice's "Shonky Award"

A $10 meal for four that actually costs $30, a credit card that makes you spend $12,000 for a $20 reward and olive oil that is anything but virgin have all netted Shonky Awards from consumer watchdog Choice.

The Coles "Under $10 meal promotion", fronted by celebrity chef Curtis Stone, was singled out for failing to include all the ingredients in the price of its budget meals that are supposed to feed a family of four.

"If you include the uncosted 'pantry items' (including 3/4 bottle of wine) in Curtis' $7.76 Coq au vin it would actually cost more than $30," Choice spokesman Christopher Zinn said.

"The deal claims you can feed four people for less than $10. The catch is you have to already happen to have some of the ingredients in your pantry, which aren't included in the price.”

Qu'elle Suprise


Anonymous said...

Maybe Curtis pockets the other dough? Either way his rep has taken a hammering over his questionable endorsements

Griffin said...

Ah yes, the wonders of Capitalism! We can lie to you... for money's sake. Barstids!

Lucy said...

It's a shame Choice didn't go a step further and bring up their questionable definition of 'recipe'. How is 'mix one jar of pasta sauce with one can of tuna, then pour over cooked pasta' a recipe?

frog ponds rock... said...

What are you doing on sunday?