Monday 19 December 2011

Accidentally vegan

Lae is a lot of thing.... as I keep mentioning, you give up a lot to live here.

One of the things I really struggle with is dairy products. The good news? Raw milk is freely available.

Bad? pretty any other dairy product is bound to be a) unavalable, b) ruinously expensive, c) out-of-date or d) all of the above.

So I had me an hankering for caramel sauce last night. The home made stuff.

Trouble is there was no butter or cream available.

So here's an accidental vegan tip.

Add a can of coconut cream, instead of butter and cream.

My original recipe for salted caramel sauce is here.


melt your sugar as per any other caramel recipe and then add a can of the richest, thickest coconut cream you can find.

As always, watch out for the splatter and sizzle.

And that's it!! Add some fleur de sel, or pink rock salt amd you're set!


Cindy said...

Oh yum, I'd believe it. Will happily try this in preference to the dairy version!

Banglarecipes said...

coconut cream in caramel...interesting...coconut is one of my must have items in the different of it. thanks