Thursday 17 January 2008

My New Year Wishes...

Restaurants moving away from the "shock and awe" factor of GM and starting to cook real food, for real people.

Restaurants starting to note suppliers and locations of produce on menus.

Restaurants moving away from the "shock and vom" factor mentioned here, again cooking real GOOD food.

The end of nasty made-up cocktails on wine lists. (Appletini's anyone??? No, I didn't think so)

The end of Cupcakes. Sorry. I hate them.

Easier access to single source meats, like this.

More people eating free-range eggs/chickens/hams.

More trips to the Farmer's Markets.

Local urban suppliers noting the source of their fruit/veggies, like my green grocer in Dromana.

Quality triumphing over convenience.

People sitting at tables, eating together at home.. not balancing a micronuked pie on their laps and shoveling it in their craw while watching The Simpson's.

Suburban fruit shops and butchers highlighting seasonal products.

Less fish from China.

The end of Supermarkets. The rise of local grocers.

The return of the local milkman.

More bread slow proved.

Less "All you can Eat"

Less American terms (they're chips, not fries.)

The return of the word "crisps" to denote not-hot-chips.

What are your food wishes for the New Year??


Cindy said...

Whoops, apologies for the unwelcome cupcake sent via Facebook. :-D I must agree, though, that the over-sugared over-styled ones selling for $$$ are irksome to me too.

Last year my resolution was to eat more seasonal produce. I did, and I hope to kick it up a notch this year. Hopefully there'll be a few not-tried-before fruit and veges on our plates in '08!

purple goddess said...

they're the ones I mean, Cindy!!

The bloody things that crop up on Tastespotting all the time..,, look like they're made of plastic.


Jazz said...

Are they saying fries and chips in Australia now? C'mon, NOOOOOO!!

As for farmer's markets, local produce etc. I just love those things - despite the fact that I hate to cook.

Up around our cottage there's an organic market every saturday in the summer - and they keep it up once a month in winter. I love that monthly winter saturday morning.

stickyfingers said...

Here-here PG!

I also want to educate people on the economies of scale, ie. those who say that they can't afford free range, local, ethical or organic, but who will regularly buy a packet of crisps which, amortised cost from $23 to up to $30 a kilo.

I want more people to put their children's health before convenience when it comes to plating up.

More wholewheat bread and sour doughs eaten and less everything from China, especially that toxic, bleached giant garlic. Buy local and keep farms, businesses and jobs in Australia!

Cupcakes are going to be a huge trend that sticks around. But give me simple old school Aussie cupcakes without the hideous American fake butter frosting or Lamingtons and Coconut Ice any day.