Tuesday 29 January 2008


Along with Grocer and Stikifingers, I am proud to announce the opening of Piecon

"Up and down the country roadside signs boast "famous pies" and everyone has their favourite pie stop - a place they emphatically urge everyone try.

Pies have gone beyond being a versatile snack to take on the characteristics of the much loved events they're associated with. Take the party pie and footy pie for example, for which the appreciation of which also takes the event into account.

To not eat pies at all is just plain un-Australian, so it's only proper to have a space dedicated to the iconic pie...

...So here's the sauce, welcome to -
'The True Blue Great Aussie Meat Pie Review'."

So, drop by some time and check us out.


Jazz said...

Oh my, that pie looks amazing...