Thursday 21 February 2008

Lurks and perks...

There aren't many lurks and perks being a Practice Manager for a surgeon. The occasional Bulk Bill at a fellow Dr's office. Maybe a mole-check from the boss... but then there's that whole thing about revealing your nekkid body to the man that pays your wage. And that weirds me out a bit!

So, imagine my suprise when one of the patients of the Cardiologist that works here, turned up with some snacks.

And not any old snack.. a big container of Roast Pork Cracking, Siew Yue, the traditional Cantonese pork crackling dish. Pork belly is marinated in seas salt and rice vinegar before being brushed with various spices such as fermented red bean curd ("nam yue" in Cantonese) and five-spice powder.

These are the racks of pork belly you see hanging in the windows of Asian restaurants, along with the Peking ducks.

The key to good Siew Yue, is to prick the skin all over with a fork before cooking, resulting in all the lovely little bubbles of crispy skin.

It is served by whacking a large chunk of it on a wooden butchers block and a talented chef cum butcher wields a whacking huge cleaver and chops up the pork into yummy bite sized pieces.

This particular offering was redolent with the sweetness of the five spice, and the crackle was perfect. Every mouthful is a symphony of tastes, the spices, the richness of the pork fat, the juiciness of the meat.

Texture-wise, again, a perfect amalgam of the crunch, the fat, the juice.





Thank god for the free helicobacter Pylori treatment from the Gastroenterologist!!


stickyfingers said...

Long gone arfe the days of extravagant lunches laid on by the reps?

But Yu Jew, oh yeah! Dip it in some hoi sin sauce and eat it straight from the tub. Or throw it in the claypot with tofu, chinese broccoli, shitakes, stock, Siew jow, a splash of oyster sauce, sliced ginger and some spring onions. Thicken with cornstarch.

For Chinese New Year add sliced carrot, straw mushrooms and pubic hair fungus(Fat Choy). Yeah-YEAH!

Anonymous said...

PG, I so wanted to eat that right now after seeing your snaps.
If they delivered this far south, I would have called & hang the expense!