Friday 4 April 2008

SOLE sistas (and bruffers)

FANTASTIC tasting platter from Darling Park winery

lamb cutlets from Rutherglen lamb

What I have discovered is that SOLE/localvore is easy. Easy as asking questions. What I have also discovered is that, apart from Google, there is no easy way to find a list of suppliers or products that come under the SOLE umbrella. So here's the deal. Rather that have a list of recipes here on the blog, I am going to list all the food purveyors I know of. either having tried myself, or recommended by YOU!!

So, in my comments here, list your fave SOLE/localvore supplier, and we'll get a list going that other people can used.

Share your knowledge, guys, and spread the word.

I want names, addresses, telephone numbers, HOW it fits into SOLE and why you recommend it.

Hit me with your best shots!!