Friday 28 March 2008

Bloggers Banquet, The Sequel.

Just a reminder to all fellow bloggers that BBII is NEXT Sat, that's Sat 5th April.

12.30 onwards.

BYO everything.

If you still haven't RSVP'd, or you've lost the address, just email me at

minor(underscore)deity1 (at) hotmail.

The outdoor oven will be fired, and obviously indoor cooking facilities will be available if ya needs them.

There's also a 8 burner BBQ with wok attachment if you need it.

This event is open to all food bloggers.

If you haven't applied, it's not too late... send me an email, with a link to your blog, so I can check it out.

Looking forward to catching up.



Cindy said...

Looking forward to it! Have you had much response?

purple goddess said...

ok, then...

Cooking, thanks for dropping by. I am chuffed you like my little corner of cyberspace.

Funny, the connections that this Web thing makes, hey??

As for who's coming, Mr and Mrs Stiki are almost definites, Thanh, Vida, Mute Monkey, you (cindy)and hubs, Furry and I. Duncan is also a starter. John (from Melb Gastronome) is going to try and pop in after work. Mr and Mrs Elliot can't make it, as cannot Ed. I'll pop over to the Facebook site and see if there have been any further response.

See you sat!

purple goddess said...

Here's the list from Facebook:

Vida - Vida At Penthouse 2
Mellie & EG - Tummy Rumbles
Mute Monkey - Melbourne Gastronome
Cindy & Michael - Where's the Beef?
Duncan - Syrup & Tang
Agnes - Off the Spork
Anna - Sharing My Interests
Thanh - I Eat therefore I am
Jon - Melbourne Foodie

Kitchen hand - What I Cooked Last Night
Pat - Cooking Downunder
Paul & Mike - Eat ME!
Grocer - Get Real!

Anonymous said...

Sorry me & my two heads cant make it! It wuld be lovely for one of you to post about it