Tuesday 18 March 2008

Random pics that I'll never blog about.

Sigh.. that's the thing with blogging.. particularly about food.. you end up with more ideas that you could ever hope to blog about. I knew I was a food obsessive when Furry went from complaining that I took photos of food, to pausing and waiting before tucking in, so I could get "that" shot.

So, on cleaning out my camera, in preparation for this Sunday's SOLE/localvore luncheon, I realised that I have 197 photos on my camera, and only 2 of them contain a human face.. and then, only unexpectedly!! OH.. and one was of a spider web for the never-written "Sunday arvo on the balcony in the tree house" post.

So, dear reader.... sigh with the possibility of all that might have been, and make up your own stories.


Cindy said...

Not only is Michael trained in pausing for the photo before eating, but some of my friends are beginning to acquire this habit too!

What were you eating with those figs?! Looks gooood.

purple goddess said...

Ah, the figs!!

organic figgies, with organic cream and meringues, from a random stall at Slow Foods....

Ahhh.. the post that might have been!!