Tuesday 18 March 2008

Garden Street Cafe

Garden Street Cafe.
Crn Garden Street and Powder Works Road
North Narabeen, NSW
02 991312 33

fig and chocolate meringues

A HUGE selection of teas!

Get this stuff toasted for breakkie!!

Read about this here

On our recent sojourn to Sydders, we stayed with lovely friends in the Tree house... and the best bit of all?? Across the road was this wee place. Go and say Hi to Marrianne, and get some of her banana bread toasted, or a REAL chai... not that crap powdered stuff. She makes her own muesli (ask for the Under the counter stuff.. not as pretty as the one on display, but MUCH better) and does a mean trade in bacon and egg rolls. Her vegetarian frittata is da BOMB! and her fig and chokkie meringues are UNBELIEVABLE!!! She'll whack you up a chicken and vegie rissole on ciabatta or a smoked salmon sanga. Excellent value and quality food!


SilverMoon Dragon said...

Oh yum.
When I read your blog, I'm not sure whether I'm glad I don't live in NSW, or sad that I don't.

It's much better for my wallet and waistline to live here in VIC I'm sure, yet all those places you blog about sound so great! If I ever make a trip up to NSW again, I'm going to have to print out your blog instead of a travel guide, just to fit all the yummy food places in.

I'm a long time lurker/reader of yours, and I hope you don't mind that I tagged you for The Food Porn Meme.