Saturday 15 March 2008

Best Laksa EVER!!!

To's Malaysian Gourmet

Shop 3
169 Miller St, North Sydney, NSW 2060
(02) 9955 2088

I am a laksa eating fool. Seriously, laksa is good for whatever ails you. It's perfect Summer food. perfect Winter food, perfect snack food, perfect hangover food. It's also bloody easy. Which is why I am often disappointed with the quality of what is passed off in some establishments as "laksa". Note to readers: The crap that is sold as laksa in most suburban "food courts" is not LAKSA.

So I was chuffed when, last week in Sydney, the delicious Grocer asked Furry and I to accompany her to her fave laksa house. Jokes about my syntax and typing skills aside, we had a wonderful time. The laksa served here is the real deal. The balance between sweet and salty was perfect. The fish sauce was subtle, but present enough in the second note to perfectly compliment the coconut milk. The chicken was fall-apart tender, and the skin tofu was generous. A super generous helping of smokey chilli paste added another dimention.

Furry, who was suffering through the 2nd worst hangover of his life was initially skeptical, but a serve of their AMAZING spring rolls and some deep-fried tofu skin wrapped around sweet pork, set him aright!!

A quick jaunt back to Grocer's to meet WORLD'S BEST DOG (Hi, Fella!!) and to sample WORLD'S BEST MILK, made for a most excellent day!


stickyfingers said...

It's a long way to travel for laksa. Obviously worth it though.

back in Melbourne try The Old Raffles Place in Johnston Street, Collingwood.

grocer said...

wow, I'm chuffed. You make me sound like a nice person!

Um... the photos look a bit dodge-ois. Would you like me to post them to my picasa account and then give you the code to embed?

and for those wondering what she's talking about...
world's best dog
world's best milk

Anonymous said...

I used to have business in North Sydney occasionally and finally made it to Toh's one day. So stupid of me, I decided I wasn't in the mood for risking splashes all over my business shirt and tie, so opted for the rendang instead. Big mistake! The laksa is the thing.