Sunday 11 May 2008

Furry and pg are proud to announce the arrival of...

Our very first (and only) organic pumpkin!!! We'd especially like to thank our midwife, Possumchops, who has been with us right from the start, when we decided to try to conceive (our organic garden). Without her help and support, we'd never have got this far. Who knew that someone, anyone? knew THAT much about vegetable sex?

We live in Glen Waverley, veritably the goegraphical heart of Melbourne, in a converted 1950's Brick Venereal, with a backyard slightly larger than a matchbox. And 2 dogs who like to dig. So we planted this beauty in the front yard (there's the Wog in me coming out again!) and trained it up over the dodgy 50's white iron balustrade. Under possum's careful tutleage, I have resisted harvesting her until the vine died back, but now.. here she is!!

I hand polinated over 30 plants (and developed a somewhat disturbing penchant for veggie sex), but this is the only one that took. Several more got to the size of baseballs and then went all manky and black and mouldacious....I think I meed some veggie IVF next year.

So, despite a few scars from the forceps, here is out baby... Stand by for futher reports of how she turns out (curried? soups? bakes? bread? gnocci?)


Cindy said...

Congrats on your beautiful bundle of autumn joy!!!

grocer said...


Possumchops said...

Heya PG, what a gorgeous looking baby you have there! Congrats on your success. I haven't been around for weeks (new job, my days need an extra 6 hours added to them to fit everything in) but it was exciting to see your lovely pumpkin.

Not sure why the ones that didn't turn out didn't, I can only think of too much water.

We just planted some butternuts in our garden for our next run. I have a pantry full of JAPs, and am about to get a huge bucket of ox heart tomatoes in the next 2 weeks I think. Really should get some pics and update my blog (between washing, baking, cleaning, etc...).