Friday 17 April 2009

This combines two of my favourite things!

I'm not much of a sweet tooth. I'd rather slam my face into a slab of brie or a good stanky blue that eat a chocolate bar. But I do have a soft spot for 2 things. Ice cream and Turkish delight. I tasted the real deal in Istanbul in the 80's, but I will happily settle for cheap, nasty faux Turkish delight. There is something about the chewy rosy jammy texture, that I just can't get enough of.

So when Mater Beige turned up at our Eostre-fest with this Marshmallow, raspberry, Turkish Delight and pistachio ice cream cake, I knew I was going to be hooked.

2 litres good quality Premium vanilla ice cream
500g of vanilla custard (Mater Beige made her own, and you could tell)
300g of frozen raspberries, partially thawed and crushed with a fork
200g Turkish Delight, chopped,
100g marshmallows, chopped
1 cup pistachio kernels, roughly chopped.
Extra Turkish delight, pistachios and raspberries to serve.

line base and sides of a 22cm spring form tin with baking paper.
Remove ice cream from 'fridge. Transfer to large bowl and set aside to soften (Do not allow to melt completely)

Add custard and mix well.
Fold in raspberries, Turkish delight, marshmallows and pistachios.
Spoon into spring form pan and freeze for 24 hours.
Release side of tin and transfer cake to cake stand. Top with extra bits and serve.

Really REALLY awesome!


frogpondsrock said...

Oh yum! I have a soft spot for turkish delight myself. cheers Kim

Anonymous said...

oh my, that sounds amazing...

Nixie said...

I can't figure out if it's a good thing or not that you could tell she made the custard herself...*giggle*
tell the truth though, it may have been amazing, but weren't y'all like 'thats NOT pavlova'
Luv NixiePie

Jazz said...

That looks decadent...

Victoria SkyDancer said...

In the meantime, I'll have that chocolate bar you left on the counter; you won't mind, will you lovey...nom nom nom...ooh I loves me my dark choc! ;-)

purple goddess said...

have AN alternate version in the freezer right now. PineAPPLE, glace ginger and almond. Stand by.....

Tara said...

hey. i made this cake to... it was YUMMIE