Thursday 23 July 2009

Asian Penicillin

Recently, Furry and I had need to have a Typhoid injection.

Man, those suckers hurt like a BIOTCH! Not the actual injection so much, but the rolling nausea and throbbing joint pain for the 24 hours afterward has made me think that actually catching typhoid might be a more pleasant option.

So for dinner that night of the injection, we turned to one of our original stand bys in time of need.

Asian Penicillin, aka noodle soup.

Take a packet of Hokkien noddles, loosen them in hot water and set aside.

Into a couple of servings of chicken stock, add a star anise, some ginger, garlic, spring onion greens and a goodly slurp of sesame oil and bring to a gently simmer.

Add some finely sliced chicken thigh meat, some Asian greens, a bit of baby corn, some mushrooms, some gow gees (if you have any) and the noodles at the last minute.

Serve in deep bowls, add a raw egg and a dash of soy, swirl all in together and eat snuggled up on the couch.


Jazz said...

Mmmm sounds yummy - though I would never have thought to add a raw egg.

Kim (frogpondsrock) said...

Sympathy for your side-effects. Many thanks for the recipe. yum

Griffin said...

Some gow gees?! I thought Asian penicillin was the chilli me mum used to put in food. It was so hot it would kill off anything you had!!

Typhoid injections sound like a bugger! Here everyone's worrying about Swine flu which is a variant of cad fever and ghastly beast flu. You get it from an absolute shower!

Intrepid in the Kitchen- JdG: said...

What great comfort food! That'd make any patient a happy camper- must train Patience to make me some in times of need...