Thursday 22 April 2010

Weekend Eating. (part 1)


what an amazing weekend. Mme Mouse's 21st party on Friday night, a fam wedding on Sat. A kitchen tea on Sunday lunch and then Yamagata for dinner on Sunday for the actual birthday, then home for coffee and cake with the family.

A weekend pretty much made of all types of awesome sauce!

First shout out to Belgian Beer Cafe at Eureka. Chris and his staff were just awesome. The food was sensational and the venue was just spectacular. Big platter of finger food comprising of twice cooked pork belly with apple pickle, pork and veal meatballs with tomato and sage, gruyere and emmenthal squares with fresh lemon and fried parsley, shelled mussels lightly fried and served with tartare sauce were perfectly accompanied by a beer list including Stellas Artois, Hoegaarden White, Leffe Blonde, Leffe Brune and Belle-Vue Kriek. Plenty of 2008 Yering Station ‘Little Yering’ Chardonnay, Fratelli Moscato and 2007 Yarra Valley Tempranillo Rosé flowed as well!

Next shout out goes to Crabapple cupcakes, or Great Cakes, as they are soon to be known. They did us an awesome 5 tier display of choc on choc goodness, and an amazing pear, almond and vanilla yoghurt cake. Both types were topped with silver cachous and edible glitter that sparkled in the subdued lighting. The chocky ones were topped with tiny strawberries and the pear ones with Cecille Bruner rosebuds.

Stand by for a report on sensational wedding food and a traditional high tea.


Jazz said...

Mmmm cupcakes...