Wednesday 9 March 2011

arpinoon ol man and mari!

Guess who's back in PNG?


Got me a 3 year gig up here. And now, I am working on social media solutions for small business, as well as looking at ways to export spice back into OZ, so I'll have MUCH more time to hang out here!!

So lukim yu from the land of:


cassia bark, rambutans and mangosteens. Total cost? about $2.00 at the local market.

There is something about this place. It's certainly not for the faint-hearted. Particularly if you're a woman. But once you get past the dust and the buai spitting, it's one of the most beautiful places on earth. The mountains are like nothing we've got back home, they're huge! As a friend said "who looked at those peaks and thought it would be a good idea to walk across them and invade Australia?"

My days are filled with breakfast at the Yacht club, watching the locals in dug-outs and banana boats head in and out, doing laps of the pool while my mari (housemaid) cleans, supervising the gardener who's putting in my herb and fruit garden. So far we've planted lemongrass, chilli, a mango tree and two banana trees. Hopefully my vanilla  vine will go in next week.

A weeks worth of fruit and veg can be picked up from the market for less than $10AUD, I got excited today, because we got new razor- wire, I had home made Singapore chilli mud crab and French champagne on my birthday, and Friday night I had the most amazing all-you-can-eat seafood buffet at the Lae International for about $27 AUD a head.

I'm home


Bluenose said...

Hi PG, glad you're settling in OK> Now don't forget your friends back home - keep us all informed of the puprle progress. :D

Anonymous said...

Glad you're loving it. So, it's still all about the food, eh?



cloudcontrol said...

Wait, what? I thought you were going to Saudi Arabia?

Colour me confused!

Cindy said...

Life is never dull with you, huh, peeg?

I'll be selfishly hoping that your social media is sufficiently successful to bring you contentment, but not SO successful that it prevents blog updates. :-P

Please give us a tour of the garden soon!