Saturday 12 March 2011

Erm…. My pronunciation is going to get me into trouble

006 (2) (800x600)
See that big yellow thing in the background? I’ve been asking, since I came up here in 09, what they are. You can get them at roadside markets all over Morobe Province. Often, they come in the most amazing deep red.

They are called Mariposa, or so I thought. And I always wondered why they were called after the Spanish word for “butterfly” and why people always giggled and turned away when I asked then how you cook it, or “what yu use him for?”
A Spanish word as part of the local language is not so odd.Tok Pisin is a melange of Australian-pronounced English, German, Italian and French.


No. It’s not Mariposa.


Mari Pleeza.

You work it out.


Griffin said...

...OH!! Ahem. Walks quickly away, definitely not blushing!!! Take that out of your handbag this minute young lady!!!!!