Tuesday 11 October 2011

A rite of passage

Well, I got robbed.

A classic PNG "home invasion", where fingers are pointed in so many different directions that, in the end, no-one knows what really happened.

All I can say, it Thank Goodness for rape gates. It appears that they came in via the front gates (more on my now EX guard in a minute), as there's no sign of them coming over the wire. They opened that back gate.. the one I haven't had keys to since I moved in, despite several.. like fifteen... emails requesting them.

At the time of the burglary, I had 2 keys. One to the front door and one to the rape gate.

They jemmied the sliding door, and took my bilum. In which was my wallet, containing some money, not much. But the REAL piss off is that it contained all my cards.

My credit card, my EFTPOS cards (both PNG and Aussie), my licence (both PNG and Aussie), my private health insurance ID, my medicare card....  the whole lot.

They also took all my cooking knives from the knife block on the bench.

There is nothing to suggest they tried to come upstairs, but thank goodness I had the rape gates locked. FYI, if you don't already know, "rape gates" are big steel "panic room" style gates that partition off a portion of your house, usually bedrooms. From behind the rape gates, somewhere in the partitioned-off area, there is (usually) an escape hatch. In most places I've lived up here, the escape hath is usually deliberately out-of-sight of the rape gate.. for self-evident reasons.

I have an escape hatch. It's locked and I don't have a key.

So, while there is no evidence that they attempted to come up to the bedroom floor, I still get a little squiffy just thinking about it. I mean, 99% of the time, there's just little old me and a puppeh in the whole compound.

Anyway, the story goes that I heard Bubbles bark, went down to see what was going on and realised I'd been robbed. The back door was open and my bilum was missing. I didn't notice the knife block until later.

So I run out on the balcony, wrapped in nothing but a towel and call to the guard.

"Can you come around the back, I've been robbed", I yelled.

And he looked at me, with the most gormless of faces and said:

"No you haven't, I've just been around the back. You haven't been robbed"

Right then I knew a) he was in on it and b) he warn't gonna be much help.

I then realised that the guard dog, provided for me added security was locked in behind the pool gate.


In fact, when I asked him to patrol the grounds WITH THE DOG, he refused, choosing to aimlessly pootle around the garden on his own.

I reckon his wantoks were still on the property.

Anyway, Captain Jack (of the Labu Mud Crabs fame) came around and sorted every little thing out. My phone is still being used. Some random guy answers it and has rung friends up here asking for money. The police have been, my cards have been cancelled, the process of getting them reissued begun.

Long-termers tell me it's a rite of passage up here, and I must say, I am surprisingly more relaxed about it than I thought I would be. I'm fine, my pup is fine. That's all I really care about.

It's not nearly as much fun, nor nearly as cool as a set of Hindu prayer flags, but it really is only 'stuff".

But my rape gate is my new best friend.


Jackie said...

Oh PG, so sorry you had to go through that. Glad you and pup are safe.

purple goddess said...

Thanks, lovie.

I was fine for the first 24hrs, and then woke up in a foul mood, all teary and crazy.. Thought it was Aunt Flo, until I realised that I was having a reaction to having my house invaded.


Jess said...

Usually a silent follower of your most excellent blog, and so sorry to read your misadventure the other day. I suspect the word is out on the street now and you wont get hit again.

purple goddess said...

Thanks jess, Nice to see you "out of the blog closet"!

Georgia HQ said...

OK! Hey Gorgeous. I am sorry this happened to you and your home. I wish I could come over and do some space clearing for you with some good music and a lavender spritzer or something.

What a horrible name for a gate. Can we rename it The Grape and paint it plum?

purple goddess said...

Thanks georgielove. I think that's a STERLING idea!!

"Honey, don't forget to close The Grape when you come upstairs to ravish me. Oh, BTW, I just hacked on a new coat of Dulux's "DeepPurpleEnchantress". so watch your fingers!!"

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

I love Georgia's transformation of what is essentially a scary item on the household agenda. Completely new to me, but although never broken in, we/I did have a few scary moments: my hubbie was bewildered when he came home from babysitting and pulled a knife of him, having been at home with two small children/babies while someone tried the locks on the door. I'm glad you were safe: go the Grape!