Thursday 26 March 2009

Balnarring Market

Balnarring Racecourse, Coolart Road, Balnarring, Melway ref. 163 H9

Balnarring Market, sister craft market of the famous Red Hill Market, has only one more week left, this Market Season. Balnarring Market runs from Nov to April every year, at Balnarring Racecourse. The ROTARY BALNARRING RACECOURSE CRAFT, ART & FRESH PRODUCE MARKET is a Community Project of the Rotary Club of Hastings Western Port. All profits go back into community projects and includes projects for youth, aged care,the disadvantaged and the local CFA Brigades. Support local markets and you are supporting the local communities.

Markets are held every 3rd Saturday from November to April, from 8am to 1pm.

Balnarring Market is probably one of the most picturesque markets in Melbourne, the stalls are set out between the Manna gums, and Kookaburra's laugh at you as you shop. Last week, we purchased 2 blueberry trees for the garden (stand-by for 2 years and there'll be some berries), partook of a most awesome vegetarian crepe for breakkie, picked up all the fruit and veg we needed for a weekend for $10 and came home with an awesome geko sculpture for the front of Chez Fur.

Next Market (the last one for the season) is on April 11th.

See you there!


Jazz said...

Well hell, next time I go to Melbourne, I'll have to make sure to come early enough to see this!

Griffin said...

"Kookaburra's laugh at you as you shop" They are nature's fashion critics.

Sounds good... shame they don't do something like that in the original Hastings in Sussex. It would help and be a draw to the area... ahhh that'll be why then. Far too logical.