Tuesday 3 March 2009

you know that Pearl Jam song???

ohohohohohohoohohoh I'M STILL ALIVE, heyyyyyyy

Well just call me Eddie Freakin' Vedder, ok?

So, yes.. yet another post about my weight and weight loss.

leave now if you're bored.

Here's the thing.

I've been bemoaning my 15kg of lard since Ex-Mousse, and while I have changed a few things in my diet and increased my exercise a little, I really haven't seen much change in my weight.

And it's a little disheartening.

So, I've been listening to on-line friends talking up the benefits of eating raw food.

Don't panic, I'm not about to get all vegan on you, and I am pretty clear that my predilections lie in the "dead things on plates, with sauce" department, but I am willing to give anything a red hot go at the moment.

So I thought I'd give the Big Green Smoothie Challenge a go.

What is this, I hear you ask, fascinatedly?

It's the idea that we don't get nearly enough of the nutrients in green cellulose plants, and by turning them into a smoothie, and adding fruit, we can become healthier.

My luscious friend Lucy over at Rawkin' ("Goodbye Beer, Hello Broccoli!") has an awesome video on her site that explains more.

So off I toddled to my local organic grocer, and bought a bit of pretty much whatever took my fancy.

Did a handful of spinach, a stick of rainbow chard, some apricots, some blackberries, a yellow peach, a banana and some mango.

Tasted pretty much like arse.

Added another banana.

Tasted like thickened banana flavoured arse.

Going to try it AGAIN tonight with cos/romaine.

Cos it looked like end-stage ENT cancer mucous and tasted pretty much like you'd imagine blended spinach and banana would taste.

Like arse.

with blackberry pits in it.

So, once again, call me Eddie Vedder. ok?

Furry's agreed to do it with me.

For a fortnight.

Yippee... A fortnight of arse flavoured infected sinus coloured smoothies.



Jo Fong said...

i tried the 'dr oz' green smoothie thing a few months ago (fallen off the wagon since!) but i think the key is to gradually introduce greens into your fruit smoothies until you get used to the taste. Lemon and ginger also makes everything tastier and I've read that ice makes the drink smoother and easier to drink. My first few were very ... sludgy ...

Good luck!

Ran said...

oh god you cracked me up so much with this post.

why cant you just eat those vegies in other ways? or other processed ways?

i dont mind beetroot and celery in my normal carrot, ginger, apple and lemon juices. does that count?

Anonymous said...

Giving up smoking causes weight gain.... making it doubly hard to lose weight... goodluck babe. Jen xx

stickyfingers said...

Blaaagh puke, puke! Oh God woman, the lengths you'll go to! LMAO I suppose you're used to examining bowel movements in your line of work, but drinking the stuff?


Why blitz the good stuff? It reminds me of the CSIRO soup diet my parents go on from time to time. They lose weight but put it all back on once they eat normally again.

Eat your raw f&v whole and you'll still get all the benefits of fibre and vitamins.....No?

You're truly brave. I know I couldn't do it. Adding tons of fructose to my diet via fruity drinks would be really unkind on the hips because and fry my glucose/insulin balance turning me into a right nelly.

Good luck! **She gags at the sight of the drink**

Zoe said...

Totally looks like arse, too.

Griffin said...

Oh good grief! My first thought was, how is this going to taste.

Eat more fresh fruit and veg and exercise more. Also less red meat and more chicken and feesh!

And no torturing yourself and the fab Furry with such arse!

Life's already a pile of poo without drinking the stuff.

Jazz said...

Let me know how it goes. Honestly though, drinking that... *shudder*

Anonymous said...

so you gonna post the non-arse tasting ones too??? or didn't you get pics of those? :) People gotta know they don't all taste like crap!

sg (who else, lol)

Anonymous said...

Hiiii I've stumbled across ur blog from Tummyrumbles :) Have you ever tried maybe cooking vegie soup instead? It tasted better than raw vegies and it's much more nourishing :)

Bluenose said...

Uuurrkkkk!!!! You're not seriously going to drink that, are you? What have those lovely delicious innocent veges done to you that you could inflict such a crime upon them?

If you want to eat raw veges, just eat them. Many are delicious as they are, no need to "arse-ify" them.

Or better yeat as Piggy Eatalot suggest, make vege soup, or vege curry or vege just about anything, there's lots to choose from!

Come on PG, I know you're up to the challenge. Make something nice out of your veges.