Thursday 12 March 2009

Not so arsey...

Ok.. a week and a bit into this Big Green Smoothie thing, and I have to confess... They don't all taste like arse. After a bit of trial and error, I have managed to find a couple of combinations that are actually very nice.

I think I went into this a bit gung-ho (who?? ME??!!). The key is to gradually up the green component. So I went back to basics with cos/romaine and watermelon

And It is really good!! You can't taste the lettuce, so it's pretty much a fruit-flavoured smoothie... that happens to be lurid green!!

Well whizzed, it's got a consistency of V-8..

Next, I bought a cheap blender, and I take my veggies and fruit to work, and I am replacing lunch with a smoothie.

Another winning combo was cos/romaine, grape and apricot. I find the fibre of the lettuce really fills you up, it's cheap and it's quick. I've also been adding a knob of ginger for kick.

And while it's probably nicer on the palate to eat all the different ingredients separately, I (for one) am highly unlikely to sit down to a lunch of a whole head of iceberg, an apple and 2 bananas.

But, my star-sign must clearly have Taste in retrograde right now, because on Sat night I had Mater Beige, Uncle Maximus, Auntie Linnie, Em and Stew over for dinner. I thought I'd do something a bit different, and cook Mater B's fave veggie.. the much maligned Brussels sprout. I've blogged about them, I've searched Chowhound for recipes to make these damn things palatable, and finally I went for the culinary concept of ETGBWB. (Every thing goes better with bacon)

Newp. Roasted in duck fat and bacon, until just caramelized, these things STILL taste like arse. Ask Em. She agrees.


Victoria SkyDancer said...

you made me gigglesnort three times with your description of the brussels sprouts.

just sayin'... ;-)

Blessed Be,

SusanC said...

I have actually never tried "arse", but I think I might give it a miss. :D

purple goddess said...

Ah ha!! On the morning of my official 2 weeks into my morning arse-or-not flavoured smoothies, I am proud to announce I have lost 3kgs!!!


Anonymous said...

My hubby likes them steamed and then drowns them in garlic butter. I cant even look at the horrid things and even with tons of garlic they still taste like arse.. cheers Kim

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog via Chowhound and it's such a treat! I wanted to tell you that brussel sprouts are much less arse-like if you half them (or quarter, or slice...) before cooking so they release their sulfur in the cooking process.

And of course, bacon makes everything better. (Also, try roasting them, then tossing them with white beans and pecorino. Mmmmmmm.)

- Not with the Great Brussel Sprout Promotion Board