Wednesday 11 August 2010


This is the coat of arms of Saudi Arabia.. the place I am planning to move to sometime in the next few months. We've expatted before.. the last time to PNG. Where, and I kid you not, you jump on a plane with your Aussie passport and turn up at Port Moresby airport, wherein you ask the customs man "May I buy a visa, please?". You hand over 100K (that's Kina, not short hand for thousand) and off you go. In fact, they are so laissez-faire about it, that on my first trip up there, they didn't have change, so HAND WROTE IN MY PASSPORT.. "Please buy one on the way out".

I kid you not.

So we were HORRIBLY unprepared for the lengthy hell that is the Saudi visa process. Furry was offered the job, signed the contract more than 3 weeks ago, and to date, we STILL don't have a date for him leaving.

Our paperwork has yet to be submitted to the Embassy.

We've spent the past 3 weeks collecting various bits of information about ourselves to submit for perusal by the Saudi Embassy, who will then decide whether we are fit to enter The Kingdom. Then and only then, will the employment contract become binding. So, right as of now, we're still no better off than we were a month ago.


So far we have had to provide chest x-rays, blood tests, urine and stool samples, original documentation of qualifications, prove our HIV/AIDS status (which will be re-tested again once we enter Saudi, just in case ). We've been tested for bilharziasis, had malaria screens, had our eyes, our ears, our stomachs poked and prodded. I've been fitted for and bought my first abaya (being 5ft 9 was a bit of a problem, cos with the abaya it's ALL about the length)

And all just to get in to The Kingdom.

Friends I have made on various Saudi forums tell me this is par for the course, but it's driving me batty.

And we STILL haven't received the requisite paperwork from Saudi to even begin to submit all of the above to the Embassy.

And now that Furry's generic blood screen has thrown up some odd LFT's. we have to get a 2nd opinion from an heptologist as to why. (Don't sweat it, its all elevated because of his cholesterol meds!)

Meanwhile, we're packing up GW and plan to rent it out ($400 pw, if you know anyone) and are re-housing the pups (again, if you know anyone...)

So, if you wonder why there has been so little activity here, that's why. I am lost in the ongoing and never-ending hell that is organising a Saudi visa.

Hopefully, soon, I'll be back posting more on my ongoing learning journey to master Saudi food!

Oh, and I can't possibly post here without some reference to food, so:

Did you know that nutmeg is illegal in Saudi as it is considered an aphrodisiac?


Toni said...


purple goddess said...

apparently so.

Jazz said...

You're kidding right?

No... you're not are youÉ

purple goddess said...

no vanilla essence, either.. contains alcohol

Toni said...

I knew about the vanilla, but they have vanilla powder and things like that. They use that vanilla powder stuff in Europe too...I couldn't find vanilla extract anywhere when I lived in Florence.

Griffin said...

Yes, definitely no alcohol. Nutmeg is a daft thing to disallow but then human beings are good at pure daftness.

How come the heptologist has to check the Furry one? Surely he is hep enough. Oh, and possibly don't play the Clash aloud either. Hearing Rock the Casbah may not go down too well.

Also don't refer to tomatoes as 'love-apples' or they will wonder if you're secretly having them with nutmeg. It's a good thing you're not a nut called Meg actually.

frog ponds rock... said...

I always have trouble spelling beaurocratic nonsense let alone deal with it xx