Friday 20 May 2011

Last day in Paradise.

Will blog more later. Off to the aiport to catch a flight back to Gatwick, and London for a few days.

One step closer to going home. (**happynixiesigh**)

Just needed to share the **headtilt** moment of the tour.

Posted this FB update.

Sitting on the beach, listening to P!NK's " Get the party started", 'cept it's being sung... by a Shirley Bassey wanna-be... and sung all "James Bond Theme Song" styles. Think the theme song from "Goldfinger", but with P!NK's lyrics....  **headtilit".. while watching Eurotrash women and old fat men in budgy smugglers.

Well, it turns out it IS a Shirely Bassey cover version.

My head just might explode.

Press HERE if you dare.