Tuesday 11 September 2007

Caesar Salad, pg's way

As you can see from the pics, I recently purchased a fine example of the 4 major holiday food groups: Trashy Novels, Cask Wine, Protein (in the form of good quality anchovies) and Vegetables .

After getting engrossed in said trashy novels, I found myself with not much time left, and a hungry Furry incoming any second...

So, whip up a bit of mayo, boil a few random eggs, dice yesterday's left over Turkish pide up into croƻtons and dry fry with garlic until toasted, dice that avocado that's in dire need of usage, some tommies from the neighbours garden, the 1/2 iceberg lettuce lurking at the bottom of the fridge and the 1/2 left over red onion from last night

Voila, Caesar Salad:

Oven brown some chicken schnitzel, and turn 1/2 way thru cooking. At this turn, place a piece of pancetta or bacon or prosciutto on top and allow to become crispy.

Cooking your bacon like this allows the fats to be absorbed into the chicken breast, and adds a complex flavour.

Slice schnitzels in 1/2 and serve atop the salad.

Voila, again!!!: