Thursday 27 September 2007

Want a free cook book AND Help charity???

Barilla Aust are donating $1 for every download of their PDF recipe book (35 pages) to

Children's Food Education Foundation

The Children’s Food Education Foundation is a charity established to promote an understanding of food, health, nutrition and healthy food choices by children and young people. Our goals encompass all Australian children and young people, however our main focus is directed toward those with chronic illness, disabilities, mental disorders and those who provide care for themselves or others. We believe gaining food expertise and knowledge can enhance a child’s wellbeing and life experience.

Here's the link for the download.


Good Karma and all of that.



Oh, and I recently used the Barilla Pomodoro e Ricotta sauce. And while I am not usually a fan or an advocate of prepared sauces, this one was a stand out sensation. The ricotta was creamy and pronounced, really well enhanced but not overwhelmed by the tomatoes. For a pre-packed sauce the don't come much better than this!!! I served it warmed, with pan fried field mushrooms and dill over penne and then also used it as a base for some pizzas with asparagus and walnuts. (pics next week!!!)