Monday 17 September 2007

Morrocan Lamb Casserole.

I've been very naughty and haven't posted a recipe for Aussie Farmers Direct lately. This is not because I haven't been cooking up a storm with their weekly veggie packs, but because I am a slacker and haven't got around to posting!!!! (Damn that pesky real life stuff)... So here is a little nosh that I whacked together last week, using their cabbage, onions, potato and oranges.

Brown 500g of minced lamb. Add a finely diced onion, the peel of 1/2 an orange, some Moroccan spice. (I used the Rasa el Hanout, probably about a tablespoon's worth)

sautée together until well cooked. Add some beef stock and some Arborio rice. Cook by absorption method until rice is al dente.

Line a casserole dish with some cabbage...

Here's a sneak peak at my new favorite secret ingredient...

Sprinkle cabbage liberally with secret ingredient (you poor chumps can just use normal sea salt, Maldon salt, Kosher salt)

Top with meat mix, more cabbage. another pinch of spice and seal the whole thing with a jar of Provisto Sugo (without the herbs)

Back at 180C for 3 hours and serve.