Monday 29 October 2007

Just redecorating...

When I started this blog, like others, I suppose, I went for as many "Belgian whistles" as I could get my hands on. So now I am settling into a blogging routine, I have decided that some of them have to go.

So, Vale sushi banner.

Vale music player.

And best of all, Vale that freaking AWFUL Pepto-(a)Bismol pink background!!!

Sorry.. it was the closest to purple I could find. But it was really starting to piss me off every time I walked in here.

Seriously, who can cook in a kitchen decorated in lung-cancer mucous pink.

So, sit back and enjoy the lovely soothing colours of the new background.



stickyfingers said...

Wow what a breath of fresh air - but is this the real you I wonder? I looked at moving to wordpress because their pages look so slick, but I thought too hard and I'm too time poor to frig with it.

As for what to bring to BB it's down to what you have time for any of the listed is wonderful and I anticipate that there will be tons of food. I'm going to vote for all because it sounds delish.

purple goddess said...

It's WAAAAAAY more me than pepto-abysmal pink!!!

Kinda sea-green and calm.. and the banner makes me think of smoke in a vineyard, for some reason.

**calming sigh**

In with sea-green peace, out with vile pink sputum!!

grocer said...

as long as you're happy with it. i have to say a sigh of relief/calm came over me when i came here today.

as for colours - adobe have a thing called kuler that lets you play around with colours (it's online and free) and then you get the # code for the colours from that.


ps I don't know about you, but the concept of "giner honey glazed" anything (go on, read it out aloud) doesn't sound too appetising to me!!!

purple goddess said...

Oh my freaking god!!!

I DID just say that out loud..

Fraking hell, coffee just shot out my nose!!!


Do not try to post between sightong of your boss.

Spell Check is your friend.

Rinse, Repeat.

purple goddess said...

And I can't edit it, because someone's already voted!!!

What a hoot!!!