Monday 22 October 2007

The Tasting Station.

Seriously. Put down whatever you're doing and go here. NOW!!!! The Tasting Station has been around for a while, and Furry and I occasionally drop in to get a serious food porn fix. The source products from the Mornington Peninsula and showcase them all in one handy little shoppe. So, after a Saturday spent working in the garden, moving 3 tonne of soil and mulch, we decided to spend Sunday adventuring around our beloved Mornington Pen. Well.. guess who forgot it was the weekend of the "Around the Bay in a Day" bike ride???? With full and grovellish apologies to Mr Stickyfingers, whom I am sure is a thoughtful and talented bike ride (and was fueled up bu Mrs Stickyfingers Pasta alla Cabonara), I have to say I have never encountered a ruder, more arrogant group of "sportspeople" that the lycra-clad idiots that swarmed, like day-glo coloured maggots on the roads this weekend. A mob of Ecstasy-crazed rabid sheep would have been easier to avoid than some of the pillocks we encountered this weekend.

Ahem.. I digress..

So after deciding that Furry's blood pressure couldn't cope with a jaunt down the front road to Sorrento for Vanilla Slices, we popped by the Tasting Station for a coffee and some eye candy.

Leonie, behind the jump, wasn't at all phased when I asked if I could take a few shots. We talked about food and produce and mayonnaise olive oil and truffles. and the food paparazzi (now, forever referred to as Wankerazzi), I had found a soul-mate in her!!! We watched the lycra-clad budgie-smuggling tossers stream by, over a capuccino and had a most pleasant morning.

So, without further ado get some of this into you!!!

And it's a Tasting Station, so you can TASTE STUFF!!!

Get off the computer and GO THERE NOW!!!!


stickyfingers said...

Excellent photos. We must stop in some time.

You're right, as in all walks of life there are bike riders and there are wankers on bikes. Mr Stickyfingers is aware of the second category and avoids them like the plague. They all get tarred with the same brush though and hoons love to play chicken with them, which scares me to death.

The event raises $500 000 for The Smith Family which is why he does it. The lycra is worn because it is padded in the right places and has lots of pockets across the back for stowing sustenance etc. It's the lightest most wind resistant clothing you can wear which makes it easier when covering long distances - you don't want extra weight like back packs etc. The clip-clop shoes take some of the stress off your legs when pedaling - though he wears mountain bike ones which look more like runners.

Yesterday was hell, riding into a 35km north wind at 34degrees he came home after 256km of riding with heat exhaustion, bad sunburn and was trembling, vomiting & delirious. I had to put ice packs all over him and toss aspirin and Gastrolyte down his gob - the poor love. He didn't think to pull out because if he hadn't finished the extra fundraising money would have been forfeited.

On weighing himself we found that he had lost a stone in the process, I shall take great joy in feeding him up.

grocer said...

GO!!! the simply green tomatoes.

purple goddess said...

Part of me did worry about the conditions they were riding in. The wind was a bitch yesterday.

Hope Mr Sticky pulls up ok. And I was sure he was one of the good 'uns.. but the bad ones... riding 5 a breast across the Highway, swerving and weaving. It's a wonder some of them wern't killed.

And how FAB are those tomatoes???

grocer said...

they're better than fab, and I think the story behind how they came to be is even better!

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, we received the worst kind of service when we were there about six months/one year ago :(